[DNS] why the focus on ING?

[DNS] why the focus on ING?

From: Dominic Main <dominic_main§start.com.au>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 15:35:03 +1000
Can someone explain to me why the focus on ING? Even though I would
say that their business practices are predatory, they pale next to the
antics of the chopping bloch brothers and minions.

Have we all forgotten that au.com has been the greatest predator of
domain name ignorance on this continent. Larry Bloch has been selling
for over 3 years. On their web site they state this:

New Australian commercial domain typically represents a company
seeking an international identity, but also serving a local market. 
No rules and restrictions apply. 

What a bunch of rubbish. At least ING just charges more and chases the
buck, the validity of the domains ING sells are not in question, just
the price and method of selling. However no matter how you look at it
Larry Bloch is a con man, he sells canonical domain names as though
they are real names, he does not inform his clients truthfully about
what they are really purchasing.

My point is this. How does a company with such predatory business
practices get to host the aunic database? How can they be trusted?
Their business history shows they place no value on the industry that
they pretend to support and that they cheat, lie and mislead the
Australian Public.

Larry Bloch must be stopped before he compromises the integrity of the
whole .au name space in the view of the Australian public. I propose
all web hosting companies:

1. Refuse to host crap.au.com and make it clear as to why.
2. No-one sell crap.au.com domain names
3. Everyone add *.au.com to their spammers list so anyone using
crap&#167;crap.au.com email addresses wakes up to the scam they have fallen
victim to.

Dominic Main
NetRegistry Hosting

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