From: <vicc§cia.net.au>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 12:46:30 +1000 (EST)
just how long does it take to get a delegation request
through the .org.au process?

have lifeline australia waiting extraodinarly patiently for
www.lifeline.org.au to be delegate so they can print $20k of material.

just how long does it take for Mr Elz to get off his butt and do his job?

if he cant do his job then he should give it to a commercial
company that can. it is simply not tolerable that organisations
like lifeline are made to suffer because the dns system in this
country is totaly stuffed.

lifeline perform a very important service for this country and
is disgracefull that they are subject to this kind of shaby third
rate treatment.

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