RE: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

RE: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

From: Dave Hooper <dave§>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 21:39:50 +1000
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> From: Adrian Kinderis [mailto:adriank&#167;] 
> Sent: Wednesday, 10 July 2002 6:54 PM
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> Subject: RE: [DNS] WHOIS lookups
> Dave,
> Your IP address has been sent to support and will be dealt 
> with in due process.
> We are doing this as a "favour" to resellers until Registrars 
> have the appropriate systems.
> The limits were instituted by auDA as a protection mechanism 
> - not the Registry. We will do what we can to help but will 
> not be bullied. If your not getting the service you require 
> from a registrar then it would be a good argument to change 
> registrar (hence the new competition model).
> I asked you for the first email as I don't seem to have it. I 
> respond to all emails I consider appropriate (as do all our 
> staff). UUnlike others on this list I do not have the chance 
> to respond or action your queries immediately. Some patience 
> would be appreciated.
> "Can you tell me what the 'response' should be? eg. No 
> entries found" I don't get this? What does this question mean?
> Regards,
> Adrian Kinderis


No need to shout man. If it's too much to ask of the registry, forget
it, I will look elsewhere, or just tell my clients that .au is all too
hard and recommend they go with a cheaper, easier to search and register

For crying out loud, all I am asking for is a little service so I can
give both my registrar and you guys a few extra $. I don't expect to be
public ally chastised for a general question I threw out to other
resellers asking how they were dealing with the issue.

Dave Hooper.
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