Registry key

Registry key

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 21:22:47 +1000
Melbourne IT uses registry keys (passwords) for various purposes:
(1) To authenticate transfers between reseller accounts
(2) To authenticate operations by an individual registrant
  - delegations, redelegations
  - changes to contact details (the online version is still being
implemented for ".au")
  - some renewals

The format of these keys has changed from:!1234 (as generated by AUNIC at the time of registration before
28 June 2002)
1234 in the Melbourne IT system.

In the Melbourne IT system, an individual registrant is able to perform
operations directly on their domain regardless of which reseller they are

Note other registrars may use completely different systems.

AusRegistry uses a Domain Name Password that is used to:
(1) to authenticate transfers between registrars
(2) to authenticate look ups on domain names that are not yet transferred to
the registrar

The format of these domain name passwords is:
A01234 (to make a six character password with at least one letter and one

A registrar must supply the AusRegistry Domain Name Password to a registrant
on request.
The registrant can then provide this password to a registrar as part of a
transfer request.

Bruce Tonkin

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> on 7/10/02 6:43 AM, Ron Stark at ronstark&#167; wrote:
> > Ian, the registry key only allows you to transfer the domain to your
> > reseller account.  Once there, *then* you can update all the contact
> > details.  It's a simple process once you understand it, and 
> results in only
> > authorised resellers being able to make such changes.
> > 
> But I do not want to sign up with a reseller and I do not want to be a
> reseller. Am I not able to deal with a Registrar directly and 
> manage my
> domains as before? If not then the new system is restricting 
> my business
> practices and causes me some concerns.
> Ian
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