RE: [DNS] MelbIT and INP love loss?

RE: [DNS] MelbIT and INP love loss?

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 22:13:17 +1000
>  > If a Reseller stops using a particular Registrar, then the domain names
>  > remain with that Registrar unless the Reseller or the
>  > Registrant choses to
>  > initate a transfer of Registrar of Record to a new Registrar.
> Can you clarify?  By saying 'the Reseller or the Registrant choose to'
> you seem to be implying that the Reseller can transfer Registrar of
> Record with or without the Registrant's consent?

Hmm, a nice point.

Since clause 4.2 of the Transfer (Change of Registrar of Record) Policy
includes the words:

"provide the means for a registrant, or a reseller acting on behalf of a
registrant, to automatically
 initiate a transfer command to the registry"

then it appears clear that a Reseller can transfer the Registrar of Record
with the Registrant's consent.

I think the concept of a Reseller transferring a domain name from one
Registrar to another without the Registrant's consent would be affected by
the following:

1. Since a Transfer involves a renewal of the Registration including paying
the Registry fee plus any applicable fee charged by the new Registrar, you
sorta need the Registrant's approval because they're going to have to cough
up the money.  Heh - you'all may remember that when I first understood the
impact of that condition detailed in the first public draft of the policy, I
said on this list that I believed it was a minor stroke of genius.  It
really does neatly avoid a variety of unpleasant situations.

Its a bit hard to see a  situation where the Reseller would wear those fees
without passing them on.

2. I reckon the majority of Registrants who get someone else to register the
domain name for them (whether they get their aunty, their accountant, or a
Reseller to do it) would have no idea what a Registar is or which one was
used in registering their domain.  Since the Reseller never asked the
Registrant's approval on which Registrar to use when the domain was first
registered, its a bit hard to see logic behind expecting the Reseller to ask
/ advise the Registrant of a change of Registrar.

3. If I was a Reseller, the agreement / contract that I got the User to
click on / agree to when I got their business would be worded in such a way
that I as Reseller had the authority to choose the Registrar.  There are
probably a few similar issues to do with the authority of Resellers acting
for Registrants that only some months of time and experience using the new
system & Registry/Reseller/Registrant heirarchy will resolve in detail.

Regards, Mark

PS - Dunno about you folks, but by golly I find it difficult to read serious
content stuff about these processes 'cause all the participants have similar
names:  Regulatory Authority, Registry, Registrar, Reseller, Registrant.
Too many 'Rs'.  Arrrgh!

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