RE: [DNS] RE: [Oz-ISP] Enetica .au Registry is NOT screwed already

RE: [DNS] RE: [Oz-ISP] Enetica .au Registry is NOT screwed already

From: ginger FISH <cyrille.lefevre§>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 23:16:59 +1000
Kim, that is precicely what resellers need  - a facility that returns
unlimited availability results.

There is one provided by melbourne-IT but you need to have your reseller
username/password on a file online at your website. There are ways to make
it difficult to grab that file, but it still is a bit risky..


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Quoting Michael-Pappas on Tuesday July 02, 2002:
| > I am of course talking about the ridiculous policy about resellers only
| > > being able to make 20 whois queries ) ?
| Where is this one..?? I had a look and can't find it... 20.. what a joke..

Resellers (and everyone) _should_ be restricted in the number of whois
queries. Rather, there should be a domain availability service that is
completely unrestricted (either via EPP, WHOIS, or some other protocol).
This is what most other countries do - it allows you tosee if a domain
is registered and nothing more. There is nothing else a reseller should
need to know. WHOIS should be for determining contact information only.


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