Re: [DNS] What is this?

Re: [DNS] What is this?

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 13:36:05 +0800
Hi Dave,

Quoting Dave Hooper on Wednesday September 26, 2001:
| I agree entirely. I would think that taking the datatbase hosting away from
| Net Registry and placing it with an independant operator would be one piece
| of constructive criticism I could offer.
| Thoughts?

The current AUNIC hosting arrangement is an interim measure until the
new competitive regime in .au is established. Now that auDA has received
the appropriate endorsement to run .au, the wheels are in motion so this
should be soon.

However, I would like to say I believe awarding NetRegistry the AUNIC
hosting contract was the right thing for auDA to do at the time. Given
auDA's position then (particularly with regard to finances, or lack
thereof) it was the most appropriate tender to select.

I don't believe there is any considerable conflict relating to
NetRegistry. auDA runs AUNIC, NetRegistry only provides the hosting
service. Indeed, most of the other tenderers to run AUNIC would have
been ISPs and therefore probably in a similar position as resellers of
domain names.

And before anyone asks, I am no great fan of

Disclaimer: Personal opinion only. I am not speaking for auDA.

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