Re: [DNS] What is this?

Re: [DNS] What is this?

From: Ian Smith <smithi§>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 15:59:24 +1000 (EST)
On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Kim Davies wrote:

 > Quoting Dave Hooper on Wednesday September 26, 2001:
 > | Ron,
 > | Me either.
 > | Chris Disspain, care to pass comment on any of this. Your lack of response
 > | to this one suprises me.
 > Let's put things into perspective.
 > There is no indication where that file came from, but it doesn't appear
 > to have anything more than what can be learned from whois queries to
 > AUNIC, and some additional unrelated comments.

Scripted whois queries, if the included JavaScript is any indication? 
(Note: no M$ software runs here, I've only text-viewed that .xls file) 

 > It has been said before and I dont think it needs to be brought up
 > over and over, but the AUNIC database was previously downloadable in its
 > entirety via FTP.  When auDA took over operation of AUNIC, this facility
 > was closed.
 > auDA has also removed the ability to flood AUNIC with queries in order
 > to build up the same data in a clandestine way.

Hate to quote myself, but ..

 > the most recent alleged timestamp is: 
 > changed:     nobody&#167; 20010617

There are a number of 16th June 2001 entries there also, which would
seem to age the data, given, again, that this dataset is 'genuine'.

Could you indicate where 17th June 2001 stands in relation to the two
actions described regarding removing of access to AUNIC data in bulk?

 > I can see the frustration this causes, I personally think it is terrible
 > what has happened with the data, but what exactly is it proposed that
 > auDA can do about it?

I think that the disclosure of possibly suspect activities of various
players is useful to participants in determining integrity, whether or
not AuDA as such chooses to verify (or debunk) such (mis)information.

 > auDA is only here to make things better, and I hope we can see some
 > constructive criticism and suggestions on what exactly could be done
 > better.

I don't think AuDA needs feel at all defensive about this, assuming that
its chosen database hosting organisation is seen to be beyond reproach.

Cheers, Ian  (just me)
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