[DNS] Predatory business practice

[DNS] Predatory business practice

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§businesspark.com.au>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 11:13:36 +1000
I've just received another unsolicited offer (that's four now) of a
WONDERFUL opportunity for Internet Name Group to manage renewal of one of my
domain names for 10 years for the pittance of $1000.

Note the use of the word "manage" - I would still have to pay registration
on top of that!

This begs three questions:
*	How do ING get access to official databases to get such information?
My clients, who have also received such "offers", ask the same thing, and
question whether privacy actually exists.
*	What chance do small businesses have, who aren't informed enough to
grasp the deception of such unsolicited mail, when it contains threatening
phrases like "... if you do not renew your domain name, the Administrator
may *delete it from the DNS and the License Registry*."  (The bolding to
emphasise the threat is in the original document).
*	How do we in the industry, who operate with integrity, stop such
unscrupulous businesses who prey on market ignorance and rip off customers -
OUR customers - only to give the whole industry and its governance a bad

Chris, I'm afraid a "please explain" letter to ING just isn't good enough.

I once used the term "passion" in postings - and this sort of business
practice really inflames my passions, whether or not to do with domain

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