Re: [DNS] Predatory business practice

Re: [DNS] Predatory business practice

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Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 01:45:30 +1200
On Sat, 1 Sep 2001 11:13:36 +1000 , Ron Stark
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>I've just received another unsolicited offer (that's four now) of a
>WONDERFUL opportunity for Internet Name Group to manage renewal of one of my
>domain names for 10 years for the pittance of $1000.

They have also been lowering the reputation of you Aussies in NZ :-)

You may be interested that a complaint has been laid against them with
the NZ Commerce Commission.  A copy of the PR is below plus links to a
very interesting article on them.

They also are facing termination as an accredited .nz provider.


Articles - and!opendocument


InternetNZ is today asking the Commerce Commission to investigate the
letters sent to many .nz domain name holders by the Australian based
Internet Name Group (ING).

The letters tell .nz name holders that they have only until September
to protect their domain names in the new top level domains of .biz and

"We have had reports of hundreds of confused name holders who due to
this letter think they need to pay $250 to this company in order to
protect their existing names"said InternetNZ Chair Keith Davidson.

"They do not need to"

"We wish to reassure existing name holders that their current names
are safe and they do not need to respond to this letter.  Some holders
may wish to secure their existing name under .biz and .info.  However
they should be aware that replying to ING's non refundable offer of
$250 a name will not secure them a name - it will only enter them into
a 'lottery' with other people seeking that name."

"Official .biz and .info registrars are offering pre-registrations
bids for as low as NZ$10 and if successful then registration fees of
well under NZ$75.  ING does not appear to be an official registrar but
presumably are acting as a reseller for an official registrar."

"The letter quotes a NZ PO Box and a NZ 0800 number and quotes a price
of $250 per domain name.  However only by going to their website do
you find out that this is A$250 a name.  This is misleading in the

"The public should also be aware that the registrations in .biz are
only open to 'bona fide businesses or commercial use'." said Mr

"The letter from INg is misleading about who can register names, that
the fees are non refundable even if you do not get the domain name you
apply for, that the currency is Australian dollars and the deadline to
apply by.  The letter has been compared to pro forma invoicing which
is illegal so for this reason we are asking the Commerce Commission to

It appears the data used in ING's letter may have come from the
registration information held by DOMAINZ, the NZ Internet Registry
Limited, which is owned by InternetNZ.  We understand DOMAINZ is
investigating this, as using this information for mass marketing
purposes is contrary to the rules governing access to it.  The data
seems to be from some months ago, prior to access to such information
having been tightened up by DOMAINZ.


David Farrar, Secretary, InternetNZ
secretary&#167; or david§

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