Re: [DNS] Predatory business practice

Re: [DNS] Predatory business practice

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 14:25:55 +1000
Hi Ron,

MAPS RBL - (pity ORBS is no longer around) - drop
them a note. Also check-out the Coalition Against Unsolicited Bulk Email,
Australia (CAUBE) at:

The answer is simple... advertisers have a legal right to send mail to you
(accepting that sometimes questions arise over ethics and the legalities of
just how your information is obtained) - however as a consumer, you also
have a legal right to refuse to accept advertising junk mail.

Complain to your ISP... get the offending mail servers blocked and
registered with MAPS... request a DNS block on the offending homepages...
Use the same legal rights the advertisers use to get to you.

Remember SPAM E-Mail is only about one thing... shifting advertising costs
to the consumer... making you pay for a companies advertising. Reputable
companies have a budget and pay for advertising, which in turn pays for
things like free-to-air television and radio. Internet SPAM pays for nothing
other than the offending companies bottom-line.

Just refuse to receive it.

Rgds, Don

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