Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:35:25 +1000
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At 15:22 26/06/98 +1000, you wrote:
>At 16:13 +1000 25/6/98, Larry Bloch wrote:
>>I am opposed to a shared registry system. I don't believe that this is the
>>wayto go because in the end what you have is a CORE style organisation in
>>the middle.
>And the proposed alternative:
>>Level 1: AU-NOMINET
>>Level 2: Any ISP wanting to be a COM.AU registrar
>>Level 3: End Buyers
>This model still requires a shared registry system. The multiple Level 2
>operators share the registry operated by AU-NOMINET. In this model,
>MelbourneIT would become a level 2 operator.

Not really. Rregistrations are applied for by a multitude of members via a
secure system (email and PGP in the UK. The Central body is undisputedly
the registry.

In this model Melbourne IT and CIA and NetRegistry and anyone who wanted to
could operate on an equal footing (just as we all do apart from Melbourne
IT now).

The difference is that there is no FOR-profit entity in the middle, and
therefore the central fee is far lower. Thus ALL players can compete on a
level playing field.
>If AU-NOMINET is responsible for .AU and operates registry software for all
>2LDs, this becomes a very elegant and efficient solution.
>Operating the SRS is a purely technical operation, similar to the operation
>of the current databases by AUNIC.
> ...Richard.
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