Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 00:39:18 +1000 (EST)
] >At 16:13 +1000 25/6/98, Larry Bloch wrote:
] >
] >>I am opposed to a shared registry system. I don't believe that this is the
] >>wayto go because in the end what you have is a CORE style organisation in
] >>the middle.
] >>...
] >
] >And the proposed alternative:
] >
] >>Level 1: AU-NOMINET
] >>Level 2: Any ISP wanting to be a COM.AU registrar
] >>Level 3: End Buyers
] At 15:22 26/06/98 +1000, Richar Archer wrote:
] >
] >This model still requires a shared registry system. The multiple Level 2
] >operators share the registry operated by AU-NOMINET. In this model,
] >MelbourneIT would become a level 2 operator.
] Not really. Rregistrations are applied for by a multitude of members via a
] secure system (email and PGP in the UK. The Central body is undisputedly
] the registry.
] In this model Melbourne IT and CIA and NetRegistry and anyone who wanted to
] could operate on an equal footing (just as we all do apart from Melbourne
] IT now).
] The difference is that there is no FOR-profit entity in the middle, and
] therefore the central fee is far lower. Thus ALL players can compete on a
] level playing field.

I can understand what Richard Archer said, and I agree with it.
I can't understand what Larry is saying here.

Let me try to see if you are talking at cross-purposes.  Maybe its a
terminology problem.  Here's my understanding of how this model would
map to a *.au environment (at least, :-

Level 1: AU-NOMINET (not-for-profit association to be created, which would
	 manage a shared registry system, accessible by Level 2: Registrars)
Level 2: Registrars: Melbourne IT,, iinet, NetRegistry, TI,
	 many ISPs etc (what Melbourne IT used to call PISPs)
Level 3: End Buyers

Like NOMINET in the UK, this hypothetical AU-NOMINET could be owned by the
Registrars (level 2 entities).  eg: Melbourne IT/INA would be a member.

To me, this sounds like a very workable model.
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