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Who on earth is this SETEL? 

According to its desultorily updated website (with its Forum with just one post) website it 
operates out of a Post Office Box and "...is a national not-for-profit company advancing and 
representing the interests of small business telecommunications consumers in national 
arena.  SETEL participates in a wide variety of telecommunications industry fora for the 
purpose of promoting the attitudes, needs and views of small business as consumers of 
telecommunications services."

Membership income in 2003/04 was $5860 (down from $6485) - this seems to indicate a 
membership of around 50 to 60 (averaged on the published membership fees in all 

Government grants provided income of $164,200 (down from $169,500)! This is a huge 
subsidy paid to a very small organisation by government.  Presumeably this largessee comes 
from the Federal government.

Expenditure is overwhelmingly concentrated on paying staffing costs at $92,836,  the majority 
of which seems to be paid to one director.

Directors (as a group) recorded a 75% attendance at board meetings.

SETEL seems to have a lot to say but don't seem to be a representative of anyone. Just who 
are they representing?

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