[DNS] Review of Australia's domain name administration and policy structures

[DNS] Review of Australia's domain name administration and policy structures

From: Ian Johnston <ian.johnston§infobrokers.com.au>
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 19:20:32 +1000
The Prime Minister announced on 7 April 2006 the Government's Interim
Response to the Report of the Taskforce on Reducing Regulatory Burdens on
http://www.pm.gov.au/news/media_releases/media_Release1869.html.  The
Response is at:
  a.. RTF: http://www.pm.gov.au/docs/rethinkingregulation.rtf  (495KB)
  b.. PDF: http://www.pm.gov.au/docs/rethinkingregulation.pdf  (323KB)
The Report "Rethinking Regulation: Report of the Taskforce on Reducing
Regulatory Burdens on Business: Australian Government?s Interim Response" is
at http://www.regulationtaskforce.gov.au.  From this Report:

  Reviewing ?.com.au? domain name extensions

  The Australian domain name system is critical infrastructure in the
context of modern e-commerce.  Responsibility for administering the .com.au
extension resides with the industry self-regulatory body, au Domain

  Business raised several concerns about domain name governance and
regulation. These included the red tape surrounding the prohibition of
trading .au domain name licences in a secondary market; and the requirement
that an individual or business must have an Australian business number or a
tax file number to acquire a domain name with a .com.au extension.

  The Taskforce did not have time to examine these concerns, although it
acknowledges that prima facie there may be issues which warrant a review.

  Recommendation 5.59

  The Australian Government should consider conducting a review of .com.au
domain name administration.

The Government's Interim Response to Recommendation 5.59:


  The Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts is
examining Australia?s domain name administration and policy structures
following five years of operation under a self regulatory model. The
recommendation on domain names will be considered in the course of this

SETEL's Submission to the Taskforce is at
http://www.setel.com.au/site.php?id=257 (PDF).  Its comments on the scope
for regulatory reduction in .au domain name industry commence at page 9.
They relate to:

  a.. the prohibition on transfers of com.au domain name licences between

  b.. development of a competitive secondary market in .com.au domain name

  c.. general review of the domain name industry in Australia and DNS
governance and regulation, notably of the auDA regulatory scheme.

Ian Johnston

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