Re: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

Re: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

From: Bill Rogers <ansearchwatch§>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 05:43:00 +0100 (BST)
--- Damian London  wrote:

> The fact is Bill (Although you still haven't
> answered my question on when
> you started using this email address or other email
> addresses to register
> domain names) is that any domain name registered
> before March 2001 (From
> memory) had/still has zero protection.

Actually I registered it in 2005

> That's right, zero protection.  And you would be
> suseptible to spam.
> And this has nothing to do with Ausregistry or users
> querying there
> database.
> Do you know why?

No I have no idea. Please enlighten me.

> I wonder Bill if you ever thought maybe someone out
> there posted your
> details on some website that you may not have seen??
> Just like what happened
> to me, less you forget ??

No, I don't. The email in question is only used for
one purpose only and that is a contact for my
Australian Domain Name. It only appears on the whois
and with my registrar.

> The Spam I get since my email was posted on a web
> page with all my personal
> details now comes in truckloads.  All thanks to some
> hero posting my email
> address on a website... maybe it happened to you..?

No it hasn't. And by the way that wasn't me who posted
your details as it means little to me and I don't care
who you are. 


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