Re: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

Re: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

From: Damian London <§>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 14:21:37 +1000
The fact is Bill (Although you still haven't answered my question on when
you started using this email address or other email addresses to register
domain names) is that any domain name registered before March 2001 (From
memory) had/still has zero protection.

That's right, zero protection.  And you would be suseptible to spam.

And this has nothing to do with Ausregistry or users querying there

Do you know why?

On another note: Spam is spam and can be caused by numerous activities..

I had to a certain point never received one piece of spam from a name
registered in the AU space using a certain email address (since about

And considering the amount of domain names we have, u'd think I would have
been a victim before you ever became a victim? Unless of course you have a
multitude of domain names registered?

I wonder Bill if you ever thought maybe someone out there posted your
details on some website that you may not have seen?? Just like what happened
to me, less you forget ??

The Spam I get since my email was posted on a web page with all my personal
details now comes in truckloads.  All thanks to some hero posting my email
address on a website... maybe it happened to you..?

Spam is an issue and has been an issue for a long time, welcome to the real

Damian London

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> --- Michael Purse wrote:
> > While I support this entirely, it comes across that
> > you're saying
> > AusRegistry is responsible for the problem, which
> > whilst they do
> > debate the fact that there's a problem at all, it
> > isn't AusRegistry's
> > fault that the policy is how it is :)
> Actually its not a policy problem (although ideally it
> would be good to remove emails), it's how to protect
> the data from misuse. which is a registry problem.
> There are many ways intermediate steps and checking
> processes can be put in place prior to the data being
> displayed, however these require some investment. I
> would suggest a weeks work from a decent programmer.
> After all you are not reinventing the wheel. Possible
> solutions would be referrer checking, member/user
> access, different levels of access depending on IP,
> masking, forms etc etc. All have there inherant
> problems but hey that's life.
> It seems that registrars and resellers have unlimited
> access to the whois database so you would also need to
> contain them somehow, whats the point on having limits
> when you can use a registrars whois anyway.
> Bill
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