domain name news - 2 August

domain name news - 2 August

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au: TPP breached domain registrars' code: auDA
The .au Domain Administration (auDA) has found that an
accredited registrar, TPP Internet, breached the
Domain Name Suppliers' Code of Practice by sending
emails containing inaccurate and misleading renewal
advice to domain name registrants.

uk: Nominet warns of 'invoicing scam'
If you have received what appears to be an invoice for
a domain name from an organisation called
Domain Registry Services, watch out. It could be a
scam, warns Nominet.,39020369,39161910,00.htm

DNS opens networks to data attacks
The same technology that allows Web surfers to locate
and connect to computers on the Internet can be used
to create covert communications channels, bypass
security measures and store distributed content, a
security researcher said Saturday.

Beware of bad-faith registration of domain names
The recent legal decision by the World Intellectual
Property Organization (WIPO) in Ticketmaster
Corporation v. Bill Hicks helps establish that it does
not make prudent sense for people to register domain
names that incorporate trademarks belonging to others.

Net Needs a More Effective ICANN
Who runs the Internet? There's no simple answer to
that question. The Web is a collective enterprise, but
several players have key roles. One of those players
is ICANN which is responsible for IP address space
allocation and other important technical ground rules
by which the Net's participants must abide.

ICANN Preps First IPv6 Domains
Japan (.jp) and Korea (.kr), followed later by France
(.fr), will be among the first recipients of domain
names based off the new IPv6 standard. The IP of a
connection governs a systems online identity; most of
the world is still IPv4 based (e.g:

GNSO Council Teleconf  (28 July 2004)
Agenda: GNSO Council Teleconf

Your domain name dollars at work
AS RECENTLY as six years ago, the business of handing
out domain names and assigning IP addresses ultimately
rested on the desk of one man: the late Jon Postel.
His replacement, the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers, has a budget of $15.8 million for
the coming year (doubled from 2003), and is proposing
to increase its current 30 staff by 50 percent. What
do they all do all day? But asking that question
wasn't why law professor Michael Froomkin and I
decided in a moment of madness to drop by ICANN's
offices in a spare hour last week when we happened to
be in the neighborhood. We found out pretty promptly
what one of those 30 people does: she answers endless
phone calls asking about domain name problems.

UK government unprepared for domain emergency
The UK government has introduced a new initiative to
inform citizens about major incidents; however provoked its own domain
name emergency when civil servants failed to register
the public variants.

ie: Face to Face: David Curtin, CEO, IE Domain
This time two years' ago, the non-profit organisation
charged with running Ireland's dot-ie domain was
headed for trouble as an internal clash between the
organisation's former CEO and its board would erupt
into a 13-month legal battle. The situation did the
IEDR -- already a favourite target of criticism --
little good. Now, the problems that started in 2002
are all but gone and new challenges, such as proposed
government regulation, are on the horizon. The IEDR's
new boss David Curtin spoke face to face with Matthew
Clark detailing the firm's status and future goals,
and noted several times that efficiency and
effectiveness are top priorities.

in: Of patriotism and Web addresses
Union IT Minister Dayanidhi Maran has urged Indian
companies to be patriotic and register their domain
names with .in or addresses.

Registration Now Open for RIPE 49
The RIPE 49 Meeting will take place from 20 - 24
September, 2004 at the Renaissance Hotel in
Manchester, the United Kingdom. Registration is now

As names run out, cos. make new '1s'
Shakespeare conjectured that a rose by any other name
would smell as sweet, but he might have thought
differently if a tech company were put in charge of
the naming.,1713,BDC_2464_3077490,00.html

'.GOV' Registry Grows to Full-Fledged, Fee-for-Service
Program (news release)
Starting on Saturday, the U.S. General Services
Administration's (GSA) ".GOV." Internet Domain
Registry, which has exceeded initial expectations and
resources, will ask government entities to pay $125 a
year to cover registration and renewal costs, starting
July 31, 2004.

Your domain name dollars at work
AS RECENTLY as six years ago, the business of handing
out domain names and assigning IP addresses ultimately
rested on the desk of one man: the late Jon Postel.
His replacement, the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers, has a budget of $15.8 million for
the coming year (doubled from 2003), and is proposing
to increase its current 30 staff by 50 percent. What
do they all do all day?

uk: All Businesses have Intellectual Property: Part 1
(reg req'd)
An all too common statement made by businesses is that
they ‘do not possess any intellectual property’.
However, even the smallest of businesses usually owns
at least four of the six key intellectual property
rights (‘IPRs’), namely copyright, trade marks, domain
names and know-how – failure to identify your IPRs
means you may be over-looking valuable company assets.

uk: All Businesses have Intellectual Property: Part 2
(reg req'd)
All businesses have a trading name. Most modern
businesses also have a website domain name and more
often than not, one that is the same as the trading
name. The importance of these two names cannot be
stressed enough – both underpin your business by
clearly identifying it so customers can find you and
your products, which increases the value of your
business by developing its goodwill and reputation.

de: New Developments in German Domain Name Case Law
(reg req'd)
Germany has had, for several years now, a vital case
law development in domain name matters. Almost a
hundred decisions are published every year. Others
remain unpublished and are known only to the parties.
Although many of the published decisions are finally
decided by the instance courts, some of them have
reached the Federal Supreme Court which took the
chance to provide guidance. In the past, the Federal
Supreme Court allowed generic domain names under
certain requirements in view of Unfair Competition Law
( = and
ruled on domain name constellations where identical
names were in question (

br: Planning director of RITS, Carlos Afonso, takes
seat on body which governs .br (from Association for
Progressive Communications (APC) newsletter - 
Carlos Afonso of RITS has been elected to the
Brazilian committee which manages the internet in
Brazil and controls .br. The election results were
announced on July 15. He is one of four
representatives from civil society. Other sectors
represented are the scientific community, the business
and telecommunications sectors, and internet service
providers. It is the first time in Brazil that
internet governance has been opened up to the public.

Internet & ICTs for Social Justice and Development
News - Briefing papers towards Tunis 2005
In January 2002 the General Assembly of the UN
convened a World Summit on the Information Society
(WSIS) in order to improve access by all countries to
information, knowledge and communication technologies
to promote development. The first stage of the summit
took place in Geneva, from 10-12 December 2003, and
the second will take place in Tunis next November
16-18, 2005.

African Participation in WSIS: review and discussion
This paper presents a review of African participation
in the first phase WSIS process (i.e. the Geneva
summit held in December 2003 and the preparatory
process leading up to it). It is not intended as a
comprehensive analysis, but to stimulate discussion
about ways in which African participation -
particularly that of African civil society - can be
more effectively structured during the second phase of
the summit. Prepared for APC.

What the ITU WSIS Spam Meeting Accomplished
A few people have reported this as a meeting by "the
UN", which it wasn't. Although the International
Telecommunications Union is now part of the UN, it
dates back to an 1865 treaty to manage international
telegraph communication. The ITU is now three pieces,
the ITU-T which handles telephony and related things,
the ITU-R which handles radio spectrum, and the ITU-D
which coordinates telecom related development in less
developed countries (LDCs.) The ITU-T coordinates
telephone number country codes, standards for
interconnection phone and data networks, and other
things to glue the world's phone systems together, and
was the main part of the ITU visible at the meeting.
The ITU isn't the part of the UN that's supposed to
have black helicopters; they would be across the
street at the Palais de Nations.

Interview with United Nations Head Secretariat of WGIG
Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator, Secretariat of
the United Nations Working Group on Internet
Governance, is a career diplomat, who has served as
eEnvoy of the Swiss Foreign Ministry in Bern since
April 2002. His main tasks include foreign policy
coordination in the area of information and
communication technologies, in general, and the World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), in
particular. He chaired the negotiating group that
developed an agreed text on Internet governance for
the WSIS Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action
in December 2003. As requested last December by the
World Summit on the Information Society, the United
Nations Secretary-General is to set up a Working Group
on Internet Governance that would be open, transparent
and inclusive. On 25 March 2004, the United Nations
Secretary-General appointed Mr Kummer to head the
Secretariat that will support the future Working Group
on Internet Governance. This Secretariat has been
established in Geneva at the Palais des Nations.
Worldwide consultations have been going on since the
beginning of the year to prepare the ground for this
future working group that is to report to the second
phase of WSIS, to be held in Tunis in 2005. Mr Kummer
says: "The time-frame is very short indeed. And the
task ahead of us is daunting."
CENTR New Website
We have commenced the process of rolling out our new


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