domain name news - 29 July

domain name news - 29 July

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us: Beware of bad-faith registration of domain names
The recent legal decision by the World Intellectual
Property Organization (WIPO) in Ticketmaster
Corporation v. Bill Hicks helps establish that it does
not make prudent sense for people to register domain
names that incorporate trademarks belonging to others.

Users of .uk domains warned about bogus invoices
Nominet UK, the national registry for all .uk domain
names, has issued a statement warning registrants of
.uk domains about bogus invoices being distributed by
an outfit called “Domain Registry Services”.

UK government unprepared for domain emergency
The UK government has introduced a new initiative to
inform citizens about major incidents; however provoked its own domain
name emergency when civil servants failed to register
the public variants.

Internet Commerce Grows 13.2 Percent – But So Do
Data from VeriSign’s Internet Security Intelligence
Briefing, a reporting service on trends in Internet
usage, security, and fraud, shows Internet commerce
continued to increase during the past 12 months, with
the total dollars transacted by a sample of VeriSign
merchant customers increasing an average of 13.2
percent. The briefing also measured a continuing
pattern of growth in the number of Domain Name Service
(DNS) queries, which totaled more than 400 billion per
month in the first half of 2004. In total, DNS queries
have grown over 1,200 percent since the height of the
so-called “Internet Boom.”

nz: Whois Review - Expressions of Interest for Working
The .nz Oversight Committee (NZOC) has announced a
review of the Whois policy
( ) and are seeking
expressions of interest from people who would like to
be part of the review team.

Registrar Sanction - Actrix Networks Limited
Actrix Networks Limited will be subject to a 24 hour
suspension as a sanction for a breach of the .nz
policies and procedures.

za: ICANN Gets African Flavour
ICANN has acknowledged the African regional Internet
registry as it prepares for its annual meeting to be
held in Cape Town.

Finding a way to make the Net truly global
ICANN’s meetings in Kuala Lumpur last week were the
first ever to incorporate discussions on
Internationalised Domain Names. Friendly contention on
related issues were apparent between parties with
different ideas on how to approach the issue.

ICANN shows hand on wildcards
ICANN wrapped up its conference in Kuala Lumpur on
Friday with the adoption of a series of resolutions,
including one coming down against the introduction of
new wildcards in TLDs.

Attack on Advertising Provider Jams High-Traffic Web
Computer users had difficulty accessing portions of
the Internet's most highly trafficked Web sites
yesterday after hackers launched an attack against
DoubleClick Inc., the company that serves up online
advertising to hundreds of commercial sites.

us: Domain sale promotion drives Web site hits
Local business owner John Hynds failed earlier this
summer to sell the domain name on eBay for

us: Owner of says she was victim, too -- of
privacy invasion
When Katie Jones bought the domain name in
1996, she relished the opportunity to own a
name-dot-com site at a time when such common names
were being quickly swallowed up.

my: Qinetics offers Registry help to domain registrars
IN ADVANCED countries, the function of the country
code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) name registrar –
essentially, assigning domain names to users and
keeping track of those names – is a profitable one
undertaken by a major corporation. In many small
countries, however, the ccTLD registrar is an unpaid,
part-time volunteer – often a university
computer-science lecturer, working from a personal
computer on campus, according to Qinetics Solutions
Sdn Bhd ( chief executive T.K. Tan.

us: Judge sees a Web of deceit
A federal judge has fined John WorldPeace, a local
lawyer and perennial candidate for high office,
$25,000 for using the names of two Houston-area car
dealerships as Internet addresses for Web pages that
recruit clients for lawsuits against the dealerships.


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news being posted, a more recent edition of the news
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