domain name news - 5 August

domain name news - 5 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 19:14:29 +1000 (EST)
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us: auction delayed
The fate of the Web site is up in the
air after the highest bidder for the potentially
profitable domain name pulled out.

au/eu: Australian Instra Corporation enters European
domain registration market
Accredited in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and now
Germany, Domain Directors seems poised to make its
presence felt in the European domain registry market
segment. This move into the German market is
significant considering Germany comprises one of the
largest country code domains in world, notching up a
figure of over 7m.

au/eu: Domain Directors Expands into Europe (news
Domain Directors is a leading Australian and New
Zealand Domain Name Registrar. A subsidiary of the
Instra Corporation, Domain Directors is now expanding
to cover the main European markets. 'This will enable
us to meet increasing demand from our clients to help
them establish their business across Europe', said
Tony Lentino, CEO of Domain Directors. 'With the
addition of 10 new Member States last May, Europe is
now a combined market of over 450 million inhabitants,
with a growth potential equivalent to the United

au: Smashing success at ministers' meeting
A NATIONAL meeting of federal and state small business
ministers in Hobart last week resolved to work
collectively to change time-sapping regulations
weighing heavily on small business owners. ...  Other
important small business issues the council agreed
needed work on included public liability and
professional indemnity insurance; credit and debit
card reforms; indigenous business development; as well
as business names, company names, domain names and
trade marks regulation.,5744,10325334%255E643,00.html

Researcher says DNS can stream voice, control Trojans
A security researcher this weekend demonstrated how it
is possible to use the Internet's domain name system
protocols as a way to pass data through firewalls and
to efficiently stream audio across the Internet.

ICANN Nominating Committee Extends Deadline for
In response to community feedback, ICANN’s Nominating
Committee (NomCom) announced today it has extended its
deadline for Statements of Interest to 25 August 2004
(12:00 GMT).

Pfizer to sue online sellers of fake Viagra
Pfizer, the world's biggest drugmaker, is taking legal
action against dozens of online pharmacies which it
accuses of selling counterfeit versions of the
impotence drug Viagra. The company also said on
Tuesday it has launched an advertising campaign to
educate the public about what it calls illegitimate
Web sites, and to help consumers safely buy Viagra
online. The company said it is suing a number of these
Web sites as well as filing dozens of legal
proceedings to seize the domain names of illegal sites
which it says are selling fake Viagra.,1367,64448,00.html

Indian domain names should end with .in: Maran
Communications and IT Minister Dayanidhi Maran has
some advice for patriotic Indian netizens -- use .in
or at the end of domain names of Websites and
e-mail IDs to popularise Indian identity in the world.,00030010.htm

Net gained 10.2m hostnames in a year: survey
A total of 10.2 million hostnames have been added to
the internet in the last 12 months, data from the
August survey issued by Netcraft shows.

au: Renewal notice glitch fixed: TPP Internet
Domain registrar TPP Internet has lashed out at a
statement issued by .au Domain Administration (auDA)
which alleged the registrar had sent out inaccurate
and misleading renewal advice emails to domain name

RegistryPro Opens 'Second-Level' .Pro Domain Name
Registrations (news release)
Qualified professionals and their organizations may
now register "second-level" .Pro Internet domain names
that provide simpler, more direct Internet addresses
for doctors, lawyers and accountants.  RegistryPro,
the .Pro registry operator, today said it has received
approval of ICANN to begin offering second-level .Pro
domain names immediately.

ILOG's Abramatic Tapped for World Wide Web Consortium
Advisory Board
ILOG today announced that its Chief Product Officer
Jean Francois Abramatic has been selected for the
Advisory Board of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
A W3C founding member and its former chairman,
Abramatic joins four other new advisory board
appointees to provide ongoing guidance to the W3C on
issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process
and conflict resolution, as well as recommend which
industry and technology issues require action by the
W3C, the leading Internet standards organization.
Jean-François Abramatic, Directeur Produits chez ILOG,
est nommé au Comité d'Orientation du World Wide Web

Curso de Administración de DNS. (NIC Mexico)
Todo lo que necesitas saber acerca de la
Administración del DNS Básico y Avanzado, lo podrás
conocer en los cursos que impartira el NIC Mexico los
días 21 de Agosto y 13 de Noviembre (Nivel Básico) y
11 de Septiembre (Nivel Avanzado).

Sintesis Comparativa de Politicas de los RIR
LACNIC tiene el placer de anunciar que la version
2004-07 de la "Sintesis Comparativa de las Politicas
de los RIR" esta ahora disponible y en linea.

Sobre los Grupos de Trabajo del Whois
Thomas Roessler, enlace del ALAC en el tema de los
Grupos de Trabajo sobre Whois, ha enviado su reporte
de la teleconferencia del día 3 de Julio

snap - Domains sichern, sobald sie frei werden!
Ab heute startet ISP NetworkSolutions dem Betatest
eines SnapService. Aufgrund zahlreicher Kundenwünsche
wurde in den letzten Wochen einen Dienst realisiert,
bei dem Kunden Domainnamen beobachten lassen und
registrieren können, sobald die entsprechenden Domains
frei werden. Die Vormerkung erfolgt ohne Gebühren. Es
fallen jedoch zur Vormerkung die Gebühren für die
mögliche Registrierung an.

Domainresellerportal gestartet
Um vor allem kleineren und mittelgroßen Providern eine
Möglichkeit zu bieten, günstig Domains zu
registrieren, haben die Webhoster und eine Kooperation auf diesem Gebiet


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