Re: [DNS] 12-3 Win For Domain Name Distributors

Re: [DNS] 12-3 Win For Domain Name Distributors

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 17:16:05 +0800
Quoting Brad Norrish on Wednesday April 28, 2004:
| A guy I know works for a company that had their operational but
| didn't have the .com version registered. I mentioned that they should get
| it, he said he wasn't involved with that side of things.
| Two years later they were involved in a legal dispute with an overseas
| company over the name and $20,000 later didn't own it.
| The service provided by the Australian domain industry did absolutely
| nothing for this Australian company.

Perhaps if people in the industry were serious about this being a problem,
they would be talking in an open manner with the advertising, marketing,
brand management sides of businesses - explaining the advantages, and
conducting a dialogue. The decision makers for the company can then
decide if it is appropriate, and act if necessary.

So far, however, most solications I have received of this nature has
been by receiving an invoice-esque dispatch. Many have been addressed to
my "Accounts" department. I'm not sure why such companies would think
the accounts people are the best to talk to about evaluating purchases
of new products relating to Internet presence. Even those not directly
addressed to the accounts department end up there - because - they look
like every other utility bill the company gets.

It seems about as logical to me as encouraging vaccination by having
companies send out doctor's bills. And I am not even sure he is my
doctor, it comes from some generic medical group. Although, my doctor
belongs to a medical group, and the name is generic enough, maybe it is
him. I guess I'd better pay before the due date on the bill.

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