RE: [DNS] MelbIT and INP love loss?

RE: [DNS] MelbIT and INP love loss?

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Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 17:09:03 +1000
Not go one of those yet! Hmm!

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Subject: [DNS] MelbIT and INP love loss?

Has anyone else had one of these?
Names have been removed to protect the client..

Dear ****
This is an official notice from Melbourne IT regarding your domain name
which has been managed on your behalf by Internet Name Protection Pty

Up until now Internet Name Protection Pty Ltd has acted as your agent to

register, maintain and renew your domain name using Melbourne
domain name systems.

We are writing to inform you that Melbourne IT has terminated its
with Internet Name Protection Pty Ltd, effective close of business 8th

There is no need to respond to this notice, but we would like to
reassure you 
that your domain name 
**** is safe, and you do not need to worry. 

Melbourne IT will continue to be registrar.

For your reference, the domain name records with Melbourne IT are
as follows (please keep this information in a safe place):

Organisation Name: 
Domain Name: *****
Domain Name Password: ******
Expiry Date:  ******


* Melbourne IT will send you a reminder notice when your domain name is
to be renewed.

Melbourne IT has been Australia's trusted registrar for over 5 years,
and we 
will continue to protect your domain name with the highest levels of

To ensure your domain name is secure and protected, Melbourne IT has
your domain name password. (registry key). Your password may be used to 
manage your domain name at

If you have any questions about this notice, please read our FAQ's at:

For more information about how to manage your domain name with Melbourne
please visit our 24 hour interactive help centre at

We wish you continued "Online Business Success".


Melbourne IT Ltd

possibly the crappiest website on the net

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