[DNS] What exactly is the problem with .AU.COM?

[DNS] What exactly is the problem with .AU.COM?

From: Larry Bloch <larry§netregistry.au.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 13:43:48 +1000
To those that have an issue with AU.COM:

I'm glad to see that AU.COM remains controversial and worthy of some debate.
It is and will remain a permanent part of the Australian net 'scape.
However,  am sensitive to criticisms levelled against .AU.COM an our
management thereof. It is NetRegistry's desire to see as many viewpoints as
possible accommodated.

So, if you have strong opinions about .au.com and what it is or isn't then I
propose to change the nature of the game a little, from one where
NetRegistry cops (justified or not) flak on this issue, to one where if you
do have an issue, you know how to have it addressed.

So you can consider this email an informal announcement that the management
and policy development of AU.COM will consider and act on input and guidance
from this list.

I am more than happy to be guided by this forum as to how .au.com ought to
be presented to the Australian public. Here is your chance to do more than
whinge - if you are really interested in the public and their protection.

NetRegistry has no intention or desire to take advantage or mislead anyone -
what's the point - we're in business for the long haul, not to make a quick
buck and disappear.

So if you really don't like .AU.COM or the way it is presented, tell me what
you don't like, tell me how you would like to see it presented (and having
it go away is unfortunately not an option) and I will make sure that all
reasonable requests are implemented.

What can be more fair than that?

We have replaced the term 'Top Level Domain' with 'domain ending'. I think
that this is a clearer and more accurate description. What other changes
would you prefer?


Larry Bloch
Chief Executive Officer
NetRegistry     http://www.netregistry.au.com
Tel: +61 2 9699 6099 | Fax: +61 2 9699 6088
PO Box 270 Broadway NSW   2007 Australia

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