RE: [DNS] DNS Place Names

RE: [DNS] DNS Place Names

From: David Appleby <appleby§>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 20:08:24 +1000
I thought this is what this is for.
Can someone point me in the right direction please!
David, the original policy was written by Robert Elz. Robert has now 
transferred responsibility for it to .au Domain Administration (auDA) who 
have set up a public review of the policy. Please see for 
further information.
You may also be interested to read the views of the Committee for 
Geographical Names in Australasia - it is at
Jan Webster

From:	Patrick Corliss [SMTP:patrick&#167;]
Hi David

> I am not a lawyer but there has to be a simple way around this over
> protective area.

I'm fairly familiar with the system and can't think of much.

> I can understand the use of major place names but "a paddock" near
> Tamworth??

Under the present system, the only recourse is through the Council.  Per  
they'd change the place name to Appleby Creek or Appleby Paddock if you
offered enough compensation?  That'd distinguish the name.  I'd give that a

Otherwise you could make a submission to the Australian Domain Authority
(auDA) for consideration as part of their current review of the system.

Sorry we can't help more.

Patrick Corliss

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