Re: [DNS] DNS Place Names

Re: [DNS] DNS Place Names

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 22:26:28 +1000
Hi David

> I thought this is what this is for.
> Can someone point me in the right direction please!

Jan Webster is a senior officer at Internet Names Worldwide.  She does this
stuff for a living and is as knowledgable as anybody in Australia.  I think
she was writing to you privately because I haven't seen her email as a posting
on the list.

As she says, the .au Domain Administration (not Authority as I said) is the
most relevant governing body.  They have set up a Panel to review domain name
policy.  Details of that panel can be found at:

This panel's deliberations are likely to take months and they will make
recommendations to auDA.  The whole process may or may not introduce changes
to place name policy.

This particular discussion list probably includes almost everybody on that
panel as well as some other influential people who are not on the panel.

By writing to the list, you may help achieve your objective.  Of course, you
or any member of the public can make their own submission(s) directly to auDA
or the panel.

This can be done through Jo Lim at jo.lim&#167;

Hope this clarifies the situation.

Patrick Corliss

Jan Webster wrote:

> David, the original policy was written by Robert Elz. Robert has now
> transferred responsibility for it to .au Domain Administration (auDA) who
> have set up a public review of the policy. Please see for
> further information.
> You may also be interested to read the views of the Committee for
> Geographical Names in Australasia - it is at
> regards
> Jan Webster
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