Re: [DNS] fyi - government on .au

Re: [DNS] fyi - government on .au

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 14:59:45 +1000
Thank you Aleks

I have just got off the phone after talking to Andrea Griffiths on
02-06277-3561.  She is the Secretary for the Senare Committee handling the
Communications Legislation Amendment Bill 2000.  Andrea advises:

(1)    Bill is not for general competition but reserve powers for ACA and
(2)    Copy of bill on website at
(3)    Public submissions to be adertised next week & will close 20 October
(4)    Submissions preferred to be electronically on erca.sen&#167;
(5)    Public Hearing will be held on 27 October 2000 (in Canberra or
(6)    Any inquiries may be made to Executive Assistant on 02-6277-3526.

Trust this assists.

Patrick Corliss

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> <URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL ISP's (please forgive the mass distribution, but
> you'll see why below..).>
> Hi all,
> Quick intro - My name is Patrick Bindon, comms and IT advisor to Kim
> Beazley, the Leader of the Opposition in the Federal Parliament.
> I have been working on Labor's position regarding the Government's
> Domain Name Bill, which seeks to regulate the process by which .au domain
> names, in particular the valuable names, are allocated.
> The Bill essentially opens up the "brokerage" of .au names to
competition -
> ie, competing commercial entities will be able to compete for the right to
> administrate and offer domain names.
> This is important issue for all ISPs!!!!!
> As you may be aware, the Senate is currently holding an inquiry into this
> Bill. The inquiry was conducted over the Olympic period, which made
> communications with ISP's and industry difficult, as this was a very busy
> time for all, but I have been able to secure an extension, (until November
> 8th) provided I can demonstrate that at least a few interested parties are
> prepared to make verbal and/or written submissions on the matter. It
> matter if you support the Bill, or disagree with the proposals it
contains -
> what is important is making your views known to policy-makers! (Otherwise,
> they make all kinds of rules and laws that affect you without your
> You can view a copy of the Bill online at http//, under the
> Legislation->Current Bills by Portfolio->Communications section.
> Can anyone interested in making their views known please contact either
> myself (02 6277 4181) or the Committee secretariat (02 6277 3525) today by
> 4pm EST. The Committee meets then, to discuss the extension, and reasons
> extension. If no responses are received, the Committee will not be
> and the Bill will proceed through the Parliament.
> For help or information about making submissions, please contact the
> Secretariat on the number above.
> Regards,
> Patrick Bindon
> Patrick Bindon
> Advisor to Hon. Dr Carmen Lawrence MHR
> Shadow Minister for Industry, Innovation and Technology
> Suite R2-108 Parliament House, ACT 2600
> PH +61 (02) 6277 4181
> FX: +61 (02) 6277 8501
> MB: 0419 963 486
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