[DNS] fyi - government on .au

[DNS] fyi - government on .au

From: Aleks Huson <aleks.huson§digitalkarma.org>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 14:34:32 +1100
Anyone else seen this?

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I received this a short time ago and was asked to redistribute it while the
eccentricities of the parliamentry email system is worked out.
Please note the responce time of this afternoon
<URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL ISP's (please forgive the mass distribution, but
you'll see why below..).>
Hi all,
Quick intro - My name is Patrick Bindon, comms and IT advisor to Kim
Beazley, the Leader of the Opposition in the Federal Parliament.
I have been working on Labor's position regarding the Government's Internet
Domain Name Bill, which seeks to regulate the process by which .au domain
names, in particular the valuable .com.au names, are allocated.
The Bill essentially opens up the "brokerage" of .au names to competition -
ie, competing commercial entities will be able to compete for the right to
administrate and offer domain names.
This is important issue for all ISPs!!!!!
As you may be aware, the Senate is currently holding an inquiry into this
Bill. The inquiry was conducted over the Olympic period, which made
communications with ISP's and industry difficult, as this was a very busy
time for all, but I have been able to secure an extension, (until November
8th) provided I can demonstrate that at least a few interested parties are
prepared to make verbal and/or written submissions on the matter. It doesn't
matter if you support the Bill, or disagree with the proposals it contains -
what is important is making your views known to policy-makers! (Otherwise,
they make all kinds of rules and laws that affect you without your input...)
You can view a copy of the Bill online at http//www.aph.gov.au, under the
Legislation->Current Bills by Portfolio->Communications section.
Can anyone interested in making their views known please contact either
myself (02 6277 4181) or the Committee secretariat (02 6277 3525) today by
4pm EST. The Committee meets then, to discuss the extension, and reasons for
extension. If no responses are received, the Committee will not be extended,
and the Bill will proceed through the Parliament.
For help or information about making submissions, please contact the
Secretariat on the number above.
Patrick Bindon

Patrick Bindon
Advisor to Hon. Dr Carmen Lawrence MHR
Shadow Minister for Industry, Innovation and Technology
Suite R2-108 Parliament House, ACT 2600
PH +61 (02) 6277 4181
FX: +61 (02) 6277 8501
MB: 0419 963 486

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