RE: DNS: FW: White Paper follow up

RE: DNS: FW: White Paper follow up

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 11:10:55 -0500
On Sunday, June 21, 1998 9:41 AM, Adam Todd[SMTP:at&#167;] wrote:
&#167;>I am not sure how many people are going to be able to afford
&#167;>to fly to all of these meetings. Instead, as always, I suggest
&#167;>that "nothing but net" be the driving philosophy. That way people
&#167;>are not left out, especially the handicapped people who can not
&#167;>easily travel.
&#167;Bit like ADNA meetings.  Held in Private, closed rooms, not opened to the
&#167;public or non members, and restricted to only people who support ADNA.

Is that the group that Ira Magaziner met with when he visited Australia ?

Who did he meet with ? It would be good to figure out who the leaders
are in Australia for the IPv4/6 implosive movements.

By the way...has anyone noticed that with all of the travel and meetings
that Ira Magaziner has been involved in not once has he engaged in an
open forum Internet discussion held on the Internet. I guess he is too busy. :-)

Jim Fleming
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