[DNS] domain name & governance news - 29 May

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 29 May

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
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The Distributed Secretariat: Making the Internet
Governance Forum Work

.uk registrations hit 5 million with
hosepipebanbuster.co.uk (news release)

us: New York Passing New Domain Name Law

NTIA issues call for public comment on the future of
ICANN and its political oversight

de: DENIC and ICANN formalize their relationship (news

ICANN Opens Public Comments on ccNSO Supplemental
Recommendation for Proposed Bylaws Change

Questioning Parked Domains and Google AdNonSense

The Distributed Secretariat: Making the Internet
Governance Forum Work
outlines a new way for the Internet Governance Forum
to meet the need for a substantive Secretariat. John
Mathiason proposes a "distributed Secretariat" wherein
the Forum delegates to qualified groups the
responsibility for preparing the factual and normative
analysis that can serve as the starting point for its
public deliberations.

Seven Questions: Battling for Control of the Internet
Posted November 8, 2005
Should the United Nations control the Internet? That?s
the subject of a heated debate slated to take place at
the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis
later this month. The European Union is pressing for a
U.N. role in governing the Internet, which is
currently in the hands of a U.S. nonprofit. Lawrence
Lessig breaks down the debate and offers his views.

Internet Governance Forum m?gliches Gegengewicht zu
Das Internet Governance Forum (IGF) trifft sich im
Herbst erstmals und versucht ein Gegengewicht zu
US-Kontrollen des Internets zu schaffen.

.uk registrations hit 5 million with
hosepipebanbuster.co.uk (news release)
Nominet is celebrating reaching the five million mark
for .uk domain name registrations.

uk: Nominet racks up 5m .uk domains
Nominet has registered five million .uk domains since
it was founded ten years ago.

us: New York Passing New Domain Name Law
In a move that flies in the face of established
international guidelines, the New York Senate is
pushing through a bill that would forbid registering
the name of a living person with the purpose of
selling the domain to that person.

NTIA issues call for public comment on the future of
ICANN and its political oversight
In a flashback to the 1998 global debate over the
formation of ICANN, the National Telecommunications
and Information Administration (NTIA) announced today
it would seek public comment "on the continuation of
the transition of the technical coordination and
management of the Internet domain name and addressing
system (Internet DNS) to the private sector."

de: DENIC and ICANN formalize their relationship (news
The German domain name registry DENIC and ICANN, the
international Internet coordination organisation, have
described their respective responsibilities in an
exchange of letters exchange of letters and, with
that, created a basis for a more formal co-operation.
These letters acknowledge the responsibility of DENIC
for all matters concerning .de-domain names.

ICANN Opens Public Comments on ccNSO Supplemental
Recommendation for Proposed Bylaws Change
On 26 June 2003, the ICANN Board at its public meeting
in Montre?l, Canada, discussed and adopted amendments
to the ICANN Bylaws to include the ccNSO.

Questioning Parked Domains and Google AdNonSense
Is contextual advertising helping or hurting the web?
It basically started with Google Adsense even though
the concept wasn?t new. It had never been done on the
scale that Google did it. Now we have Yahoo Publisher.
MSN is building their version. We have Konterra and a
whole lot of other companies scrambling to cash in on
the contextual ad craze.

Mobile web gears up for lift-off
The rush to seize part of the burgeoning mobile
internet market has started with the launch of a new
domain name specifically for mobile devices.

Why the .mobi domain will conquer the Internet
With Internet-enabled mobile phones outnumbering PCs
four to one, .mobi, the new top level domain specific
for mobile phones, has enormous potential. It is
backed not only by the entire mobile industry, but
also by Internet giants such as Microsoft and Google.

eu/ir: Cybersquatters target local firms
THE new .eu domain name for European firms is up and
running but those not quick off the mark to register
themselves are now being asked to hand over 2,100 to
cybersquatters just to get their own names back.

.eu fast becoming popular domain name
Internet domain names ending with .eu are becoming one
of the most popular in the world, according to the
European Registry of Internet Domain Names.

eu: See in the WHOIS database when a name is being
released from Sunrise
The first names unsuccessfully applied for during
Sunrise will be released on June 7. Names released
will include all expired domain names and those for
which the last application in the queue for that name
was rejected 45 days prior to May 24.

Greek Cypriot bid for ?www.kktc.eu? sparks reaction in
An application filed from the Greek part of Cyprus
with an organization in Brussels dealing with
operating the new .eu top-level domain for registering
'www.kktc.eu' has sparked a reaction on the Turkish
part of the divided island, with the Turkish Republic
of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) presidential spokesman
describing the attempt as "ill-intentioned."

.eu ADR decision over a trade "merak"
The Belgian company Merak NV challenged the rejection
of its application for the Domain merak.eu. This
company holds two figurative Community trademarks (and
a third one subject to opposition) where the dominant
element is "MERAK".

.XXX Challenge
On Friday, May 19, 2006, ICM Registry announced that
it would file a reconsideration request with ICANN.

It's for you - a web domain name designed for mobile
This week sees the launch of the dot.mobi TLD name.
This will be the first TLD name designed especially
for Internet-ready mobile telephones, and the mobile
industry has been given until Aug. 28 as a "Sunrise"
period to register their trade and service marks as
domain names. After Aug. 28 the dot.mobi address goes
on general release.

au: Govt accused of inaction over child porn
The federal government has been accused of moving too
slowly to block children's access to internet
pornography. Communications Minister Helen Coonan is
reviewing the way in which graphic violence and
pornography can be accessed on the internet.

au: Digital malice hits the playground
Students and parents should be prepared for playground
taunts that can escalate into vicious online threats

Amnesty International is starting a new campaign that
aims to tackle repressive use of the internet 		
Amnesty International has launched a new campaign
calling for an end to the repressive use of the net.

EU lawmakers consider taxing emails, SMS messages
European Union lawmakers are investigating a proposed
tax on emails and mobile phone text messages as a way
to fund the 25-member bloc in the future.

ITU Broadband Statistics for 1 January 2006
ITU has just released its new statistics on global
broadband penetration per 100 inhabitants as of 1
January 2006. Iceland has taken over as this year's
leader from Korea with Netherlands, Denmark and Hong
Kong, China rounding out the top five.

uk: Britain boom market for Internet pornography:
Britain is the fastest growing market for the booming
Internet adult pornography business, with one in four
adults, including 1.6 million women, downloading
images each month, a study suggested.

Porn UK
First major study of online pornography reveals 1 in 4
adults, including 1.4m women, downloaded images last

au: Internet undermining marriage
Cyber romances are playing a role in thousands of
Australian marriage break-ups.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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