domain name, WSIS & governance news - 25 July

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 25 July

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the latest domain news. By close of business on 28
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UN-backed Internet tourism domain preserves countries’
right to their names (news release)
Countries around the world will have a priority right
to register their nation, cities, and place names on
an Internet Top Level Domain (TLD) travel registry
under a new United Nations-backed tourism initiative
aimed at resolving problems arising when these names
have already been taken by other entities on other

.TW to Launch English Second Level Domain Name
NeuLevel and Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
announced today that the .TW country code will provide
English second level domain name registration services
starting November 1. Currently, third-level .TW
domains are only offered.

Go Daddy Internet domain name registrations pass 9
The Go Daddy Group Inc., with its three subsidiary
Internet domain name registrars, has surpassed the 9
million domain name mark, the company said Thursday.

China’s Leading Domain Name Registry Service Provider
Deploys NFR Security’s Sentivist Solution
China Internet Network Information Center Relies on
Sentivist for Network Protection against Real-Time

us: Council hopeful makes Web his domain
Houston City Council candidate Brian Cweren is trying
for a landslide in political cyberspace. The District
C hopeful has purchased Web sites containing various
combinations of his name — and five of his opponents'

ICANN Concludes Luxembourg Meet
ICANN, recently announced that over 900 delegates from
55 countries gathered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg,
to participate in ICANN's 23rd International Public
Meeting which was held from 11-15th July.

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda 
Draft Agenda for GNSO Council meeting Thursday, July
28, 2005

Constituency statements and WHOIS Task force
presentation at the GNSO Public Forum held on July 12,
2005 in Luxembourg
    * Update from the gTLD Registries constituency
    * Registrar Constituency Statement
    * White paper on internet domain name expansion
    * Noncommercial Users Constituency Statement
    * Whois Task Force Public Forum

First Public Release of the Service
The service contains statistics for every
single gTLD in the world. The statistics shows growth
of domain name providers as well as a history for each
domain name. is the next big thing for any
domain name and web hosting provider seeking an
advantage of their competitors.

New .tel domain will manage contacts
ICANN has approved an application for a new .tel
domain, that will hold contact details for companies
and individuals. The final contract has yet to be
produced, but Telnic, the company that put in the
application, is expecting to offer .tel domains by the
end of 2006.

APTLD Singapore Meeting - Agenda, Minutes etc

"Reselling" of .eu domain name services
A consultation with the European Commission services
has led towards a clear position concerning the
offering of so called "reseller" services for .eu
domain names.

Eurid E-NEWS (status report)
On July 19th, 245 companies and organisations have
completed the procedure and are recognised as
registrars for .eu domain names. 134 more are in the
process of becoming a registrar.

Directi decomes registrar for new .TRAVEL sTLD
ICANN accredited registrar was today
granted permission to register domains with the
recently introduced .TRAVEL extension. DirectI will
make the .TRAVEL sTLD available to its network of
resellers enabling them to service the rapidly
expanding global travel and tourism industry.

WIPO Arbitration Workshop - October 2005
The purpose of this Workshop is to provide intensive
basic training of a practical nature for party
representatives in arbitration and for arbitrators.
The training, which will be conducted by experienced
international arbitrators, will focus on the main
principles of international commercial arbitration law
and practice, with particular reference to the
practical application of the WIPO Arbitration and
Expedited Arbitration Rules in intellectual property
and technology disputes. The arbitration rules of
other arbitration institutions will also be referred
to for purposes of comparison.

Great New Site For Domain Names
Domain name portal fully dedicated to assisting buyers
and sellers do business together directly, without
paying any fees or commissions whatsoever.

Sedo Market Facilitates Sale
Sedo announced that the domain name was
sold for $750,000, the highest valued domain sale this

Microsoft Expected to Change Longhorn to 'Vista'
Microsoft hasn't publicly filed to register the name
with the federal Patent and Trademark Office,
according to an online search last night. But online
reports noted that the company is the owner of the
online domain name, The ownership of
the more common and
wasn't clear. (German)

WSIS Gender Caucus
The WSIS Gender Caucus is organizing an email-based
discussion forum on identifying and integrating gender
perspectives into the WSIS deliberations at PrepCom3
in September and the Tunis Summit in November. This
discussion, organized and moderated under the
Electronic Networking Project component of the WSIS
Gender Caucus, will be for a period of three weeks,
from July 25th to August 13th 2005. This online
discussion is aimed at furthering the efforts of the
Gender Caucus to integrate gender perspectives and
concerns into the WSIS deliberations, and to further
explore the concrete measures that will enable us to
achieve this integration.

AFTER WGIG - Washington Symposium July 28; Online
Participation Possible
The Internet Governance Project and three other
university programs sponsor a symposium in Washington,
DC to assess the final report of the UN Working Group
on Internet Governance (WGIG). The event, titled
"Regime Change on the Internet? Internet Governance
After WGIG" will be the first public event in the
United States to review the UN Working Group’s report.
The symposium will also look towards the future of
Internet governance, leading up to the World Summit on
the Information Society in Tunisia and beyond.

A Balkanized Internet Future?
Joi Ito has an important post [also featured on
CircleID] on how the internet is in danger of becoming
balkanized into separate "internets". He's not the
only person who's concerned. Greg Walton worries about
Regime Change on the Internet. My friend Tim Wu, a law
professor specializing in international trade and
intellectual property, has written an article for
Slate: The Filtered Future: China's bid to divide the

Internet Governance to be the main focus of the Third
WSIS Preparatory Committee Meeting (news release)
Internet governance is expected to be the main focus
of attention for the third Preparatory Committee
meeting (PrepCom-3) to be held in Geneva, Switzerland,
from 19 to 30 September 2005. PrepCom-3 is also
expected to complete the output document on financing,
continue negotiations on the political part of the
Tunis document as well as look at implementation and
follow-up mechanisms on the road ahead.

WSIS and the Working Group on Internet Governance What
it means for the World Bank - 7/2005
This program will describe the highlights of the
Working Group’s Report on Internet Governance,
launched in Geneva on July 18, 2005.  Mr. Kummer will
provide a brief overview of the Working Group and its
methodology, including its mandate under the World
Summit on Information Society; a summary of the Report
including highlights of particular relevance to the
Bank’s operational work; and next steps to be taken by
the Secretariat before Phase II of the Summit in Tunis
in November 2005.,,contentMDK:20591877~pagePK:148956~piPK:216618~theSitePK:559460,00.html

UN At Odds Over Internet's Future
There seems to be a stormy WSIS meeting ahead in Nov
2005 as reports have indicated that the body set up to
decide how the Internet should be run has failed to
reach a consensus.

The internet is doing nicely without its own UN
Who runs the internet? Who cares? As long as your
internet browser sends you to the right location in
cyberspace, the technical workings of the World Wide
Web aren't really of much concern. Right?

Why Not Divide the Internet?
The desired goal of the other countries is to end up
with their own local language suffixes, own local
language domain names, basically their own Internet,
with its own domain registration policies -- in a
nutshell, a very big and a very complex global mess,

The WGIG Report, part deux
This is part two of a post started yesterday. It's a
response to a report recently released by the Working
Group on Internet Governance (WGIG), a UN-inspired
task force with a typical UN propensity for acronym

ng: Politics of Internet Governance
FOLLOWING the June 30, 2005 announcement by the United
States Department of Commerce (DOC) with intent to
retain authority on Internet root servers, the global
Internet community has been thrown into confusion once

India backs inter-country Net governance
New models for Internet governance would give less
responsibility to the US and involve greater
inter-country participation, says UN delegate

Independent Group Submits Report on Internet
An independent working group has released a report on
Internet governance proposing to improve Internet
governance arrangements and setting priorities for
future action.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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