domain name, WSIS & governance news - 21 July

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 21 July

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ICANN Concludes 23rd International Meeting with Action
on Domain Name Security and Global Addressing Policy
Over 900 delegates from 55 countries gathered in
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, to participate in ICANN's
23rd International Public Meeting. These meetings
constitute an essential part of ICANN's global
Internet Community consensus-development and outreach
efforts. ICANN conducted a series of important
workshops on Internationalised Domain Name (IDN)
implementation, the World Summit on Information
Society (WSIS), and New TLDs.

ICANN Outreach for Africa Will Benefit All
ICANN should budget for outreach and training
activities in Africa in order to bridge the digital
and information divide, said Mouhammet Diop, Africa's
representative on the ICANN board.

China taps US firm for DNS protection
The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC),
the state network information center of China, has
tapped NFR Security to secure the supporting network
infrastructure for the country's its domain name
services offering.

$1 domains for the developing world
The developing world could soon see .org domain names
for just $1 under a new scheme by non-for-profit
registry PIR.

Non-English Domain Names Likely Delayed
Officially, the Internet's Domain Name System supports
only 37 characters -- the letters of the Latin
alphabet, 10 numerals and a hyphen. But in recent
years, engineers have been working on ways to trick
the system into understanding other languages, such as
Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

Guide helps firms avoid domain name problems
Internet domain name management body Icann has issued
advice to help firms avoid problems caused by lost or
maliciously registered domain names.,1759,1837684,00.asp

The .travel Registry and WTO agree on priority right
The .travel Registry, in cooperation with the World
Tourism Organization, has affirmed a priority right to
the nations of the world to register their respective
country, cities, and place names in the .travel

Go Daddy "reload" its reseller program
GoDaddy has announced the launch of
new and improved reseller plans for Wild West Domains,
its reseller program.

Go-ahead for .mobi TLD
A designated top-level domain (TLD) for mobile
internet services came a step closer last week, after
ICANN signed an agreement to launch .mobi.

European lawmakers mull Net policies
Seven members of the European Parliament traveled to
Washington, D.C., this week to mull over policies
related to the Internet and the international digital
economy. Topics of discussion ranged from intellectual
property rights, spyware and spam to Internet
governance and telecom industry regulations.

eu: Reding targets closer EU-US cooperation for
improved Internet governance
Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane
Reding has used a speech to the European Institute in
Washington to call for closer cooperation between the
EU and US to achieve an open and efficient approach to
Internet governance.

ICANN prez delivers internet vision
In his most revealing interview since taking charge of
internet overseeing organisation ICANN in March 2003,
president Paul Twomey has accused governments looking
to subsume ICANN into a UN body as "living in a
political fantasy land", while at the same time being
thankful that the internet community doesn't have

Independent Group Submits Report on Internet
Governance (news release)
An independent working group has released a report on
Internet governance proposing to improve Internet
governance arrangements and setting priorities for
future action.

Whose Internet?
They say you can't have it both ways, but what about
four ways? That's how many options a United Nations
group came up with for how the Internet should be run.

Diplomat hails progress on internet governance
Markus Kummer, a Swiss diplomat chairing international
talks on who should oversee the internet, says he is
satisfied with progress in finding a solution.

UN at odds over internet's future
A UN group charged with deciding how the net should be
run has failed to reach a decision.


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