Re: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

Re: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

From: Bill Rogers <ansearchwatch§>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 00:40:03 +0100 (BST)

I see you fixed your so called non existent hole.
Perhaps an admission of its existance would be in
order instead of sitting on your high horse and
stating everything is perfect.

--- Michael Purse wrote:

> Plus my opinion of AusRegistry is basically that
> they are inflexible
> and operate with a closed mind. At least, that's my
> opinion based on
> the comments about "no evidence" of WHOIS being used
> for harvesting.
> If you truly think that WHOIS isn't being used for
> harvesting, you'd
> be pretty naive.

Of course they are naive. Its a wonder with their sort
of money they don't check the systems. Even a script
kiddie could do better.

Having a limit of 20 queries per hour is a crock of
s***. Being in the business of "the Internet" you must
realise that there are such things as proxies. You can
find a list of a 1000 proxies every day.
For those who can't add up 1000 x 20 = 20,000 queries
per hour.

Oh well. 

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