RE: [DNS] Work for IMCO Corporation Pty Ltd (Bradley Norrish)

RE: [DNS] Work for IMCO Corporation Pty Ltd (Bradley Norrish)

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Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 11:42:56 +1000
My understanding is that if you have a registered business name in Victoria
you must be a trading business. I wonder if a web site is classed as a
trading business. Anyone have any ideas I know that they (business
Victoria)forbid registration of a business name so that you can just
register a .au domain name in Vic.

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I don't see how this is the same as because Josh has
it registered to trade.  It doesn't mean he has to trade by that name
either as far as I know.  If you went and registered Whats in a Josh as
a business name then I will be quiet.

So what your telling the group is that if I went and registered a domain
called say whata********* (insert swear word where
******** is) you wouldn't have an issue with it simply because I will
class it as a service of my company.  I don't think that is very fair do

I think this policy should be looked at again by auDA to stop these sort
of bad-mouthing domain names from being registered.  I would encourage
Josh to follow this domain name up and take it over.


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