RE: [DNS] Work for IMCO Corporation Pty Ltd (Bradley Norrish)

RE: [DNS] Work for IMCO Corporation Pty Ltd (Bradley Norrish)

From: Chesley Rafferty <chesleyau§>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 11:32:59 +1000 (EST)


Josh is required by auda policy to have a registered
company to have a domain.

Josh apparently is using:

Tell Me What's In a Name

as the Registrant.

"Tell Me What's In a Name" is not registered as a
company therefore Josh is not eligible to have the
domain registered. Or it is possible Josh has this
registered as the other options for Registrants - is
it an individual (interesting name?), an incorporated
association or a statuory body (is Josh running a
secret government endorsed organisation??). is registered to a company via
the close and substantial rule. It does not say in
auda policy that this if you offer a service under a
close or substantial rule whether has to be profitable
merely that 

Marty the close and substantial rule does allow for
the registration of domains. As I stated in
the last email (and as a registrar I think you are
required to understand it) 2003-07 10.5 (b) is the
connection for the registration of this domain. 

2003-07 does not state that the service provided has
to be profitable etc so long as the service is that is
provided as you can the first part of the service has
be and far more will provided shortly.

PS Marty in case you were wondering the second policy
I was referring to was sarcasm, spelt out I meant how
is that a director of auda is allowed to blantantly
breach policies that they are supposed to watch over.

You should read policies before you fired off your

 --- Clayton M <mcbridec&#167;> wrote: 
> I don't see how this is the same as
> because Josh has
> it registered to trade.  It doesn't mean he has to
> trade by that name
> either as far as I know.  If you went and registered
> Whats in a Josh as
> a business name then I will be quiet.
> So what your telling the group is that if I went and
> registered a domain
> called say whata********* (insert
> swear word where
> ******** is) you wouldn't have an issue with it
> simply because I will
> class it as a service of my company.  I don't think
> that is very fair do
> you?
> I think this policy should be looked at again by
> auDA to stop these sort
> of bad-mouthing domain names from being registered. 
> I would encourage
> Josh to follow this domain name up and take it over.
> Clayton
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