Re: [DNS] Reverse Nameserver IP woes

Re: [DNS] Reverse Nameserver IP woes

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 15:17:50 +0800
Quoting Sean Finn on Wednesday August 18, 2004:
| allows you to plug in a domain name, and
| see if its registered as a nameserver in the big nameserver database in the
| sky.
| My question is, if someone else assignes their name, and glues their name to
| our IP, does that break the glue between and and
| therefore make it hard for people to delegate domain names to and
| ?

Short answer: No

Long answer: As far as I know, host records are only used by Network
Solutions (the registrar). On the occasion I did the same thing by
hijacking the IP of the primary nameserver for .uk (they were seconding
my domain), I had to call them to fix it. It is not that it was unable
to be used as glue by anyone else, just that the glue appeared to the
wrong FQDN.

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