Reverse Nameserver IP woes

Reverse Nameserver IP woes

From: Sean Finn <sean.finn§>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:07:32 +1000
Hi All. allows you to plug in a domain name, and
see if its registered as a nameserver in the big nameserver database in the

E.g. Selecting Nameserver and typing in (Which is the IP
address of Brings up some other domain names, not,
which have been glued as nameservers to our nameserver IP.

E.g. someone else who has access to and to use the dns
capabilities of these servers, has registered these as their own
nameservers, knocking us out of the placing on the internic whois. The user
is a legitimate user that we allow access to use ns1 and ns2's services.

My question is, if someone else assignes their name, and glues their name to
our IP, does that break the glue between and and
therefore make it hard for people to delegate domain names to and ?
(Should be
(Should be

If it DOES break it, then how the heck can it be stopped?

Sean Finn.
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