RE: [DNS] Advice on registration of recent

RE: [DNS] Advice on registration of recent

From: Craig Ng <Craig.Ng§>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 15:53:15 +1000
>>> sheath&#167; 13/08/04 3:43:05 pm >>>
>If the registrar had done a mistake woundnt they issue a chq for
mistake and in 
>fact issue the letter?
>I think for auDA to issue could mean that the registry might have
released the 
>name by mistake or that the orginal registrant did renew the name but
a mistake 
>occurred (again likley at the registry level).
>All in all looks like someone/thing did a major screw up and AUDA
rushed of a 
>letter as soon as it was reported/discovered. 
>Steven Heath
>.nz news & views

For the sake of clarity, auDA accepts that this mistake occured at its
end, and not at the registry or registrar level.

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