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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 23:42:28 +1000 (EST)
Global fight looms for Net management
A battle is brewing over the role of governments in
managing the Internet, as policymakers prepare for a United
Nations-backed summit on the network's future. Mohamed
Sharil Tarmizi of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) said two camps are forming over
the wording of a key article to be adopted at the World
Summit on the Information Society in December.,7204,7311040%5E15342%5E%5Enbv%5E15306%2D15319,00.html,1608,222139-113-380,00.html

UN human rights farce continues
Reporters Without Borders protested today against a ban on
its participation in the World Summit on the Information
Society next December in Geneva. Calling the ban "grotesque
and absurd," Reporters Without Borders noted that it
followed the organisation's suspension for a year from the
UN Commission on human rights.

Cumbre mundial sobre la sociedad de la información
Reporteros sin Fronteras acaba de recibir notificación de
la prohibición de asistir a la Cumbre Mundial sobre la
Sociedad de la Información (SMIS), cuya próxima reunión se
celebrará en diciembre, en Ginebra. Esta surrealista
decisión es consecuencia de la suspensión de la asociación,
durante un año, en la Comisión de Derechos Humanos de
Naciones Unidas

Sommet mondial sur la société de l'information

Domain services to be localised in Asia
EasySpace, a British Internet domain name company, will
launch its services in Thai, Chinese and Japanese languages
next year as part of a market expansion strategy for Asia
ICANN asks Verisign to pull redirect service
The agency that oversees Internet domain names has asked
VeriSign to voluntarily suspend a new service that
redirects Web surfers to its own site when they seek to
access unassigned Web addresses, rather than return an
error message.,2000048590,20278873,00.htm

VeriSign ha sido demandada por las redirecciones hacia una
página web de su propiedad

Verisign draws fire over Site Finder service
VeriSign Inc., which oversees the popular ".com" Internet
domain, has ignited a digital firestorm with its new method
for dealing with mistyped Internet addresses. Experts say
it will lead to a surge in spam, or unwanted e-mail, and
that Verisign has no right to impose the system on millions
of Internet users.,2000048590,20278794,00.htm

NZ ISPs not impressed with Verisign "typo-squatting"

VeriSign Sued Over Search Service
Popular Enterprises files a federal suit against VeriSign
concerning the controversial Site Finder service. Popular
says its similar service has been superseded by Site Finder
because of VeriSign's monopoly over ".com" and ".net"
domain names.,1367,60518,00.html

Profits in Missed Exits on Information Highway
Type in an Internet query, and inadvertently leave off the
dot in .com, .net or .org. Or try to find, say, Target's
Web site, but mistakenly tap www.taget in the browser.

Verisign's tampering shows high cost of apathy by Michael
Internet governance is an issue that relatively few people
care much about. For the vast majority of Internet users,
the technical and policy details that underlie the Internet
matter little so long as their e-mail goes to the correct
address and their domain name resolves correctly so that
their Web site is accessible.

Verisign abusing its domain
Technology columnist Doug Winter on the outrage surrounding
Verisign's newest manouevre.
The internet is legendary for it's anarchistic nature.
Mostly this image is an accurate one - the internet is a
large number of interconnected networks with no central
authority and no hierarchy.

Why Site Finder is Breaking MS Outlook & Windows Networking
I have discovered that VeriSign's SiteFinder service breaks
Microsoft's Outlook and Microsoft's Outlook Express email
readers as well as many of the standard Windows Networking
Utilities by providing misleading error messages, temporary
lockups, and incorrect status information.

Quantifying SiteFinder Traffic
Want a sense of just how much traffic VeriSign is receiving
from its SiteFinder service? Alexa, with its Alexa Toolbar
and associated traffic tracking services, makes it easy to
find out...Over the past three months, taken as a whole,
VeriSign had traffic rank 1,559. But today its traffic rank
is 19, meaning.

Site Finder: The Technical, Legal & Privacy Concerns
It is openly admitted , in the same Implementation PDF
file, that all accesses to the Site Finder service are
monitored and archived. A further worry for users is the
privacy policy and terms of service posted on the Site
Finder service. Not only does the simple act of mistyping a
URL implicitly cause you, the end user, to accept
VeriSign's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy without the
chance to review and accept or decline either, but critical
information as described above is not disclosed in either
policy (as of this writing).

.uk - Nominet Statement in response to Verisign's Site
Finder service
The introduction of a new service, which redirects those
looking for non-existent .com and .net domain names to a
Verisign search page, has raised a number of issues and
some controversy within the Internet community, not least
because of Verisign's role as the Registry for those gTLDs.

IAB Commentary: Architectural Concerns on the use of DNS
There are many architectural assumptions regarding DNS
behavior that are not specified in the IETF standards
documents describing DNS, but which are deeply embedded in
the behavior of Internet protocols and applications. These
assumptions are inherent parts of the network architecture
of which the DNS is one component.

ICANN Advisory Concerning VeriSign's Deployment of DNS
Wildcard Service
On 15 September 2003, VeriSign deployed a "wildcard"
service into the .com and .net Top Level Domain zones.
VeriSign's wildcard creates a registry-synthesized address
record in response to lookups of domains that are not
otherwise present in the zone (including restricted names,
unregistered names, and registered but inactive names). The
VeriSign wildcard redirects traffic that would otherwise
have resulted in a "no domain" response to a
VeriSign-operated website with search results and links to
paid advertisements.

ICANN Announcement: Memorandum From ICANN CEO Paul Twomey
Concerning Whois
WHOIS is a topic of much interest to the ICANN community.
The future path for WHOIS service requires the resolution
of numerous important issues, some of which fall within
ICANN’s purview, but many of which may arise from statutory
or regulatory provisions of national law that have no
direct relationship with ICANN’s technical coordination
mission, but that may have implications for ICANN policies.
Despite these challenges, ICANN will continue to encourage
and facilitate the spirit of cooperation and collaboration
that the ICANN community and WHOIS stakeholders brought to
ICANN’s WHOIS workshop in Montreal. To advance work on
WHOIS in a coordinated and cooperative manner, ICANN will:
support key fact-finding and analysis; promote
cross-constituency and WHOIS stakeholder dialogues,
including a WHOIS workshop in Carthage in October 2003; and
establish a “President’s Committee on WHOIS,” to support
the work of ICANN’s community.

Gov't IT exec to be listed as country rep to ICANN
Information technology (IT) undersecretary Virgilio Peña
said he will soon be listed as the country's representative
to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), a body in charge of Internet domain names.

Afilias introduces umlauts to .info
Afilias - the registrar for .info generic top level domains
- has announced that it is to implement an ICANN-standards
compliant internationalised domain name (IDN) solution.
This will allow web users to register domains using German
script umlaut characters- ä ö and ü.

Domainz names new manager
Bernard Blake has been appointed general manager of New
Zealand Internet domain name manager Domainz.,2106,2667215a28,00.html

ICANN Letter from Tina Dam to Marie Zitkova
This letter shall confirm ICANN's conditional authorization
of the extended time period for the anticipated deletion of
<> as described in Attachment 23, Section 5 of the
TLD sponsorship agreement between SITA and ICANN. The
agreement provides as follows:

ICANN Preliminary Report - Special Meeting of the Board
ICANN's Board of Directors held a meeting by teleconference
on 12 September 2003. Directors Vint Cerf (Chair), Mouhamet
Diop, Tricia Drakes, Veni Markovski, Michael D. Palage,
Alejandro Pisanty and Paul Twomey were present. Board
Liaisons Roberto Gaetano, John Klensin and Francisco A.
Jesus Silva also participated. Joe Sims (attending for part
of the meeting) and Esme Smith with Jones Day, counsel to
ICANN, were also in attendance. Ms. Smith acted as
secretary for the meeting. The Board adopted the following
resolutions at the meeting:

ICANN Preliminary Report - Special Meeting of the Board
ICANN's Board of Directors held a meeting by teleconference
on 9 September 2003. Directors Vint Cerf (Chair), Mouhamet
Diop, Tricia Drakes, Masanobu Katoh, Thomas Niles, Michael
D. Palage, Alejandro Pisanty, Njeri Rionge and Paul Twomey
were present. Board Liaisons Steve Crocker, Roberto
Gaetano, John Klensin, Francisco A. Jesus Silva and Mohamed
Sharil Tarmizi also participated. Esme Smith with Jones
Day, counsel to ICANN and acting as secretary for the
meeting, was also in attendance. The Board engaged in
discussion of the following matters:

Workshop to develop a Recommendation to clarify the
management of ".int"; Geneva; 15-16 September 2003
The purpose of this Workshop is to start developing a
Recommendation on the management of .int further to the
mandate from ITU's last Plenipotentiary Conference
(Marrakesh, 2002) through its Resolution 102, which was
revised to include the following instruction to the
Director of TSB: "to work with Member States and Sector
Members, recognizing the activities of other appropriate
entities, to develop a recommendation to clarify the
management of the domain '.int'."

ICANN Announcement - ICANN and U.S. Department of Commerce
Announce New Three-Year Agreement
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) and the United States Department of Commerce (DoC)
today announced that they agreed to extend their joint
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for three additional
years until September 30, 2006. - Yahoo! Search
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