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Re: RE: [DNS] Agenda

From: jamesguy <jamesguy§>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 11:32:31 +1000
Your response is terrific.  One of the problems I see with the minutes is that they refer to the correspondence submitted to the organisation with absolutely no insight as to the contents.  So if anyone provides the submissions there will be no means of the public knowing.  This is a sytemic problem.  I could post it on this list but not all people with an interest in auDA affairs are members of this list.

I understand that the auda website is to be upgraded.  It would be excellent if this change could be implemented and also posting of the agenda prior to the meeting, any submissions made on the agenda, and a transcript of what was discussed at the meeting so that the community can be fully informed.

As an aside I have been contacted and my registration has been cancelled on  I note that my fees will be refunded which is generous in the circumstances.  As required I will form the organisation and then proceed with any registration.  My apologies.


> James... what form of acknowledgment do you need that the auDA Board members
> will "...address the matters that have been raised..." at the next or any
> future Board Meeting?
> Kim has already responded in this list with his 'General Thoughts on Issues
> Raised' message on Sunday and 'Board Members are responsible for raising
> issues' on Monday.
> Josh has given you a clear mechanism for raising an issue or submission as
> item in the next meeting (or any other future meeting) under the standing
> Agenda item "Board correspondence" as well as other information over a
> similar period, (going so far as to almost 'coach you' with his suggestion
> that "If you can clarify what you would like changed (using a less
> adversarial approach as Kim suggested) you may find others on the DNS list
> and existing board members which share your views." in one of his Monday
> messages...
> You indicated in your reply (sent: Mon 21/07/2003 1:07 AM) that you would
> publishing (to this list) a full list of submissions AND submitting it to
> the Board...  So I like other Board Members who subscribe to this list, are
> both aware of the points you have raised so far, AND are expecting your
> submission to be in the next Board Agenda under 'Board Correspondence',
> unless no such submission or correspondence from you to the Board has been
> received at the time...
> *If* there is no item from you under this heading, then I suspect there will
> be a number of us who will *compete* to raise it under the following
> standard Agenda item of 'Other Business', but who may (like me until now)
> choose not to comment in this forum, or at this time.
> So in case your 'marking off' *who* from the auDA Board had responded to you
> in this forum, you now have MY indication that I expect your correspondence
> with auDA to be an Agenda item at the August Meeting, and by my reckoning
> that is all three (3) Demand Class Board Members who have made some form of
> acknowledgment to you in this list, on these matters...
> I trust you can take something positive from that.
> Regards,
> Cheryl Langdon-Orr
> Demand Class Board Member
> (elected 11 Nov 2002 : retire at 2004 AGM)
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> Can one of the board members please acknowledge that they intend to address
> the matters that have been raised at the next board meeting?  Kim you have
> accepted that there are valid issues.  How about publication of the agenda
> of the future Board say 5 days in advance?
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