RE: [DNS] Sneaky registrar transfer

RE: [DNS] Sneaky registrar transfer

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:24:11 +1000
At 8:43 +1000 16/7/03, Craig Ng wrote:

>What is auDA supposed to do??

auDA have complete control over the way domain name policy is
managed in the .AU name space. If the current policy does not
allow them to ***protect consumers*** of .AU domain names,
then it is auDA's responsibilty to CHANGE THE POLICY SO THEY CAN.

Seems to me to be so self-evident that I can't for the life of
me understand why this sort of shenanigans is allowed to
continue. I'm sure auDA doesn't want this sort of crap going
down, yet they simply wipe their hands clean of such matters
with a nicely worded press release.

So, the policy change required would be along the lines:
If you're not an auDA accredited registrar or a reseller
registered with one then you are not allowed to make changes
to .AU domains which are not your own.

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