RE: [DNS] Sneaky registrar transfer

RE: [DNS] Sneaky registrar transfer

From: John Thomson <john§>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 08:47:07 +1000
Please let us all know who the registrar was running this type of campaign.
I would like to make sure I never end up dealing with them at the very


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That's pretty bad, when is this type of trading going to be knocked on the
head !! I am getting pretty annoyed with our customers ringing half scared
out of
their shells because they too have received such letters and emails using
types of scare tactics.  Malcolm, feel free to paste the details of the
people responsible on this
list, I am sure they are subscribed to it, maybe they will stop......
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dns&#167; Date: Tuesday, 15 July 2003 11:38:43 PM To:
dns&#167; Subject: [DNS] Sneaky registrar transfer  I just
received an email from a registrar saying that a domain name I had
registered with them was due for renewal in September. This was not correct,
the domain name in question was not registered with this registrar. The
renewal URL given in their email takes you to a Domain Name Renewal/Transfer
form which states that if your domain name is not registered through xxxxx
........ your domain name will be transferred.  This seems an unethical way
to do business. I am sure that some people will not remember who their
domain is registered with and will assume that the email is from their
current registar. They will then fill out the Renewal/Transfer form to renew
the domain and thus unknowingly transfer it away from their current
registrar.  --  Best wishes,
lcolm   --------------------------------------------------------------------
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