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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 22:56:30 +1100 (EST)
ICANN 2002 Annual Meeting in Amsterdam
ICANN's 2002 annual meeting will be held on Saturday and
Sunday, 14 and 15 December 2002, at the Sheraton Amsterdam
Airport Hotel & Conference Center at Schiphol (Amsterdam)
Airport, the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Meeting Topic: A Plan for Action Regarding New
At its 23 August 2002 meeting, the ICANN Board of Directors
directed ICANN President Stuart Lynn to produce a plan for
action concerning the implementation of the Report of the
New TLD Evaluation Process Planning Task Force. On 18
October 2002, Dr. Lynn posted for comment A Plan for Action
Regarding New gTLDs in response to the Board's direction.
That plan is a topic for the ICANN Public Forum in
Amsterdam on 14 December 2002 and will be considered by the
ICANN Board at its 15 December 2002 meeting.

A Plan for Action Regarding New gTLDs (by Stuart Lynn,
ICANN President)
At its August 23rd meeting, the ICANN Board of Directors
directed me to produce a "plan for action" with respect to
the implementation of the Report of the New TLD Evaluation
Process Planning Task Force. This document and its
attachments are in response to that request.

Proposed Transition Article of New Bylaws
On 24 November 2002, the Evolution and Reform Committee
(ERC) posted and invited comments on a proposed Transition
Article (Article XX) to specify the steps in the transition
from the present structures and processes of ICANN to the
structures and processes described by the New Bylaws
adopted by the ICANN Board on 31 October 2002 in Shanghai.
Several very helpful comments were received, prompting the
ERC to make various changes to the language it proposed for
the Transition Article.

Proposed Corrections and Modifications to New Bylaws
The Evolution and Reform Committee (ERC) recommends that
the Board adopt the following corrections and modifications
to the New Bylaws adopted by the Board in Shanghai on 31
October 2002.

Preliminary Recommendation on ccNSO Membership
Consistent with the 29 October 2002 ccNSO Assistance Group
Communiqué, the Assistance Group has prepared its
preliminary recommendation on Membership. The Assistance
Group requests feedback within the coming two weeks (until
24 December 2002) for comments to be given utmost
consideration. The preliminary recommendation on Membership
can be found in Annex A. The ccNSO Assistance Group will
consider feedback received on this preliminary
recommendation and its effect on other recommendations.

IANA Report – Redelegation of the .org Top-Level Domain
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA) is
responsible for various administrative functions associated
with management of the Internet's domain-name system root
zone, including reviewing the appropriateness of
contemplated changes to the content of the root zone and
preparing reports on those changes. This report gives the
findings and conclusions of the IANA on the redelegation of
the .org top-level domain (TLD) from operation by VeriSign,
Inc., to operation by Public Interest Registry.

Karl Auerbach: ICANN "Out of Control"
This month, Richard talks to Karl Auerbach, a public board
member of ICANN and one of the Internet governing body's
strongest critics.

Domain Name Reseller to Provide Refunds Following ACCC
Federal Court Action
Internet Registrations Australia Pty Ltd will provide
refunds to recipients of its misleading 'renewal notices'
who respond to its apology, following settlement of an
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Federal
Court action.

ACCC slugs Australian domain name reseller over dodgy
Australia's domain name administrator has welcomed a legal
settlement requiring a reseller to apologise and provide
refunds to customers who responded to misleading notices
requesting payment for renewal of domain name services.,2000024981,20270526,00.htm

Domain names competition opens with a twist
The registration of internet domain names has opened up to
competition, with a twist. The previous monopoly supplier,
Domainz, will operate as a special "stabilising registrar",
to help the changeover rather than compete on price.

Geeks push for second-level domain
Internet professionals in New Zealand want their own
second-level domain,, as a way of deploying
experimental services.,,t269-s2127266,00.html,2106,2134308a28,00.html

China Opens Doors To .cn - from
Beginning Sunday, December 15, 2002, on a first come, first
served basis, domain names in China's .cn country code will
be available for registration. See for more
information. UDRP Panelist and Task Force Member M. Scott
Donahey has published an interesting article on dispute
resolution in China's .cn ccTLD as well.

Kuwait Airways Grounded in UDRP - from
Last week, the National Arbitration Forum issued a
surprising decision against Kuwait Airways, allowing Indian
registrant Mario Noronha to retain ownership of

Expansion of .cn spells danger for trade mark owners (reg
A relaxation of the rules allowing foreign registrars to
sell .cn domain names could lead to trouble for trade mark
owners, according to domain name specialists.
Is .LA the new .TV?
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has announced the
redelegation of .la - the country code top level domain
corresponding to the People's Democratic Republic of Lao
allowing it to be marketed as the new domain for Los
Angeles, Latin America and Louisiana.

Domain service providers fight for survival (reg req'd)
Korea's major Internet domain service providers are going
all-out to stay afloat and maintain market share.

Microsoft wants domain from hobbyist
A Dutch computer enthusiast who runs a popular Windows XP
gossip Web site has been summoned by Microsoft Corp. to
hand over the domain name.

Insurance giant taps start-up to manage domain names
Nominum, a 3-year-old start-up specializing in Internet
name and addressing technologies, last week announced its
first enterprise software licensing deal.

MyDomain and NamesDirect Web sites offline
Technical problems have taken up to 600,000 Web sites of and customers offline.,2000024981,20270567,00.htm

Hijacked? Fight over URL Inc said its eponymous domain name was hijacked
and traffic redirected to another business on December 6 in
an act of "technological piracy"., felled by DOS Attack and are back on air, after
recovering from a "HUGE" Denial of Service attack.

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