Re: [DNS] Reseller Fees

Re: [DNS] Reseller Fees

From: Marco Botros <mehanna§>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 21:28:24 +1000
You can spend up to an half hour trying to understand this MIT price clause:

AuDa requires it's accredit Registrars to pay AuDa  a fee of $250 for each of it's
resellers which have not previously been registered with AuDa through a different
registrar. Where the relevant reseller has previously been registered with auDa by
a different Registrar, there is an additional fee payable to auDa of $AU25 each time
the same reseller is  registered with auDa through a different registrar. MIT will 
charge the authorized reseller the applicable auDa fee within 14 days of being
invoiced for it by auDa 

>>>the most confusing clause in the whole agreement!!!


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At 11:43 9/07/02 +0100, you wrote:
>It is my understanding that auDA is charging this amount to all registrars
>for all resellers they appoint.

My goodness, I've NEVER heard of any such thing.

This moves closer and closer to abuse of market power it's not funny.

Imagine if Petrol Companies charges service stations a fee to sell petrol!

Or Telstra charged a fee to ... oh hang on, they already own the market.

I'll have to check various laws again, but I do recall somewhere that a fee 
can not be charged by an association or organisation to become a user of 
seller of the services.

In fact I'm sure it's an ACCC ruling.  I think we used it in the TIO case.

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