New 2LDs

New 2LDs

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 00:33:08 +1000
Busy time on the .au domain name front.

New Registry, new Registrars.

And now the first meeting of the New 2nd level domains Policy Panel.

Some of the submissions appear to be pretty sketchy - others quite detailed.
A quick summary of the proposed new 2LDs and their sponsors appears to be:

Sponsor              New 2LDs Proposed

Patterson            Proposal to create several new 2LDs
Lim         (adult oriented material)
Pappas     ,
Catholic Church
Law Council
Kumria      (medical), (embassies),
Pharmacy Guild
AVCC       ,
Aust Retailers Assn
3 different entities 3 different submissions (with some commonality) all
proposing geographic 2LDs - e.g.,

See for the full

Regards, Mark

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