Internet Registry

Internet Registry

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 11:10:00 +1000
One of my clients has just been sent an unsolicited application form by
Internet Registry, which obviously includes request for payment.  My client
has rung me, somewhat confused by its content, for clarification.

One clause on IR's form says that any existing registration period will be
added to the 2-year registration period that IR would provide.  This then
means that IR are offering clients up to 4-year registrations, which is
clearly not possible.

Putting aside the unsolicited mail issue, they're either misleading
registrants or they plan to sit on registrants' money for up to 2 years.
Either is unacceptable.

Who are IR in any case?

Ron Stark
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