RE: [DNS] Re: Informing the public.

RE: [DNS] Re: Informing the public.

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 23:25:08 +1000
> - Where can I get access to the information that auDA has about me

Based on the list of data fields held in the Registry, the personal or
organisational specific data held appears to be:

1.  Name of the registrant
2.  Registrant's eligibility for the domain name (e.g.. company, business,
trade mark owner, etc)
3.  ID number associated with the eligibility type, if any (e.g.. ACN for
4.  Registrant Contact Name
5.  Registrant Organisation
6.  Registrant Street
7.  Registrant City
8.  Registrant State
9.  Registrant Postal Code
10. Registrant Country
11. Registrant Email
12. Tech Name
13. Tech Organisation
14. Tech Street
15. Tech City
16. Tech State
17. Tech Postal Code
18. Tech Country
19. Tech Phone
20. Tech Fax
21. Tech Email

Note that fields 2 to 10 are not held for domain names

> where are their policies on its use.

A good question.  I support auDA's right to communicate directly with domain
name holders using the data in the Registry.  But a policy confirming what
data is held, what it can and can't be used for by auDA, might be a good

Regards, Mark

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