Re: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals

Re: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 18:59:40 +1000
Hi Ginger

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002 18:08:44 +1000, ginger FISH wrote:

> Fait enough, but that is for business people.
> It doesn't really apply to individuals.
> basically for most people it will be :
> " Why do i have to register a domain name to have an email address, my
> bigpond address works and it doesn't cost me much.I don't want to pay for
> domain registration and email hosting ( first because i don't know shit
> about al that internet stuff, so i want to save me a headache ) to get an
> e-mail i am going to check once a week ! "

Oh, I don't know.  I have "" which I like from a vanity point of
view.  It is also very easy for other people to remember.  With my first name,
I get patrick&#167;  The big problem I have is spam.  I'm not sure why
but I get a lot of spam on that email address.

Most of the time I use my company name mailto:patrick&#167;

> Now for new businesses 2TLDs
> " I already have a .com and a for my company, i don't need to
> register anything else.

Who says you have to?  Do you really want a .biz?

> You can say that i need to register them before
> someone else does but i don't give a rat's ass, that's a pure weak sales
> argument and i am not biting. I have all i need and my company is reknown,
> people know where to find us so i don't need anything else.Thank you .
> Besides when time comes for renewals, it is going to cost me a thousand
> dollars to renew half a dozen domain names i don't even use."

Exactly.  But what about banks, for example?  Why can't a bank have:
etc ???

> That is good for big companies that have money to waste, but for small
> businesses it will NEVER work. And it is about small businesses we are
> talking about.

What you are talking about is a business trying to cover the field with
registrations in every domain name space.  I agree that's really a nonsense
for small businesses.

For my small business, I've got "".  I really don't want
"", "" et al.  The only name I would like is "" and
that is only to cater to those people dumb enough to forget the "au" bit.

But if "au" domains were better understood, I would expect that mistake to be
made less frequently.  Perhaps big companies. like Telstra, would be better
branding their image as "" rather than "".

When that happens, I will consider auDA as a success :)

Best regards
Patrick Corliss
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