VeriSign faces another marketing suit

VeriSign faces another marketing suit

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 06:52:41 +1000 (EST)
VeriSign faces another marketing suit 
A Los Angeles law firm has filed suit seeking class-action status
against Internet domain name provider VeriSign over allegedly
deceptive "expiration" notices the company sent to the customers of
rivals, a lawyer said Tuesday.


EU Law Turns ISPs Into Spies? 
A broad coalition of civil liberties groups is urging the European
Parliament to reject a proposal that would require European countries
to retain detailed information on citizens' phone and Internet use
for policing purposes.,1283,52829,00.html

EU Internet Bill Seen Hampering Electronic Privacy (Reuters)
The European Union is on the verge of adopting an Internet bill that
could give police forces greater power to keep records of personal
communications such as phone calls or web-surfing

Porn was for software filter test says defendant 
A man convicted of importing more than 100,000 illegal pornographic
images says he was gathering the pictures to test filtering software
that would block the material.

Graf wins case against Microsoft Germany
Former German tennis star Steffi Graf yesterday won a court case
against Microsoft Germany over fake nude photos of her that were
posted on a Web site run by the company.

Enforcing laws in a borderless Web 
Former Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle could find himself cuffed if he sets foot
on French soil. His alleged crime: Allowing the posting of Nazi
collectibles on Yahoo's U.S.-based site--an action Holocaust
survivors say violates France's war crimes laws.

In FBI shift, cybercrime is a priority 
The director of the FBI announced Wednesday that a major
reorganization of the agency would include a new focus on cybercrime
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