Code of Practice Progress

Code of Practice Progress

From: Liz Williams <lizwilliams§>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 17:50:08 +1000

A quick update on the progress of the Code of Practice Committee's work.

The Committee has had two significant conference calls in the last week to polish a comprehensive Code of Practice for Registrars which will be sent out for public comment on 24 May.

The Committee has covered many of the most contentious issues in a constructive way and looks forward to public input on the document.

The public consultation period will run for two weeks (until 7 June) after which time all public commentary will be taken into account by the drafting committee and, where appropriate, incorporated into the document.

Any questions can be directed to the Chair of the Committee, Liz Williams, on 02 6282 8520 or via email on lizwilliams&#167;

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+61 2 6282 8519 fax
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