Re: [DNS] The Pending Introduction of .au DN Competiton

Re: [DNS] The Pending Introduction of .au DN Competiton

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 07:12:21 +0800
Quoting Adrian Stephan on Friday December 14, 2001:
| This is an interesting concept and I suppose it might suit some.  However, I
| want the exact opposite.  I want to be known by my company name -
| logistics - and not some derivative of it.

A couple of points:

* If you want your domain name to be your exact company name, not
  some derivative, wouldn't you get

* You are equating domain names to the postal system, when that is
  not a very good parallel. auDA is a resource allocation agency much
  like the way the ACA allocates telephone numbers. Would you argument
  go so far that you should be allowed to have the phone number "111"
  on your whim? At no cost? In theory phone numbers don't cost anything,
  and are an unlimited resources, just like domain names.

* The fact is, the naming panel have decided that the generic
  restriction should go, and that will happen. You might not like the
  allocation system (an auction if more than one person is entitled to a
  domain), but it is fair.

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